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NFL · 21 days ago

Raiders vs. Dolphins: Warren Sharp Has ‘No Interest’ in Backing Vegas



Raiders vs. Dolphins: Warren Sharp Has ‘No Interest’ in Backing Vegas

The upcoming NFL matchup between the Miami Dolphins and the Las Vegas Raiders is shaping up to be more than just a routine game. Despite facing criticism for not being able to win big games, Miami has shown exceptional prowess against weaker teams. They have a 6-0 record against such teams, winning by an average score of 39-20. This statistic sets the stage for a potentially dominant performance against the Raiders.

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The Raiders, on the other hand, are in a transitional phase after firing their head coach. They’ve experienced a “breath of fresh air” and a boost in morale, resulting in some wins. However, it’s important to note the quality of teams they’ve beaten – not top-tier quarterbacks or strong passing attacks. This raises questions about the Raiders’ ability to handle a team with the capabilities of the Dolphins, especially in an away game in Miami.

A key factor in this game will be the Dolphins’ offensive strategy. Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is expected to utilize deep shots, but the real threat may come from their short passing game. The Dolphins excel in two running back sets, and the Raiders have struggled defensively against this formation. This mismatch could be a crucial advantage for the Dolphins.

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Defensively, the Raiders have not been effective in generating pressure, taking on average 2.4 seconds to do so – one of the lowest times in the NFL. This could give Tagovailoa ample time to execute plays and maintain control of the game. Moreover, the Raiders have been strong in preventing long completions but have shown vulnerabilities against short, underneath passes – a style that the Dolphins can exploit.

Additionally, Miami’s defense, now working with Vic Fangio and welcoming back Jalen Ramsey, is expected to pose significant challenges for the Raiders’ offense. The Raiders might rely more on their run game, but facing a Miami defense that’s been improving, their success on the ground is not assured.

This game presents a challenging scenario for the Raiders. Miami’s strengths align well against the Raiders’ weaknesses, especially in its offensive strategy and improved defense. The Dolphins are positioned to exploit the Raiders’ defensive vulnerabilities and control the game’s tempo, making it a challenging outing for Las Vegas. There seems to be little confidence in backing the Raiders in this matchup, with the Dolphins favored to capitalize on their strategic advantages and recent form.

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