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NFL · 2 months ago

Seattle Second Chance: Geno Smith’s Amazing Career Turnaround



Seattle Second Chance: Geno Smith’s Amazing Career Turnaround

In the unforgiving world of the NFL, one thing remains consistent: reputations follow players. Whether you’re Sam Darnold in New York, Charlotte, or San Francisco, your legacy, mainly if a premature stumble occurs, lingers. High first or second-round picks are thrust into the limelight early. If they falter, it can be a swift fall from grace.

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For many, the game can turn brutal. The spotlight dims, and the starting roles fade, but if luck is on their side, a comfortable spot on the bench awaits and, with it, a handsome paycheck. Such was the story of Geno Smith for seven years. Nestled behind the indomitable Russell Wilson, Geno became acquainted with the sidelines. Wilson’s resilience ensured that Smith rarely saw game time, but that didn’t stop the checks from rolling in.

Fast forward to a pivotal trade moment last year. The Seahawks and Denver exchanged picks, enabling Denver’s lavish spending on Wilson. Amidst this backdrop, the Seahawks took a gamble. Handing the reins to Geno, they hoped for a renaissance. And Geno didn’t disappoint.

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To say that Smith’s resurgence is rare is an understatement. Comparisons to Jim Plunkett, Steve Young, and Vinny Testaverde come to mind. These are not recent references, indicating the scarcity of such career turnarounds.

The numbers don’t lie. Once a backup quarterback, Geno Smith now boasts a 12-9 record as the Seahawks’ primary starting quarterback. Impressive stats of nearly 70% pass completions further underscore his prowess. While Monday Night Football didn’t see him stealing the show, it’s clear that Geno doesn’t need 300 yards to make his mark.

The narrative around the Seahawks pivot needs more volume. In a league where stories of revival are sparse, Smith’s transformation from a backup to a key player is nothing short of remarkable. As the Seahawks continue their journey, one thing is certain: Geno Smith has found his second wind, and it’s a breeze the NFL world should savor.

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