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NFL · 13 days ago

Seattle Upsets Detroit on Road in Week 2 Offensive Affair



Seattle Upsets Detroit on Road in Week 2 Offensive Affair

Fresh off their exhilarating season opener win over the Kansas City Chiefs, the Detroit Lions were back in action in the Motor City, ready for a thrilling face-off against the Seattle Seahawks. If fans expected a high-scoring game, they weren’t disappointed; the scoreboard lit up with a whopping 68 combined points.

Last year, during the first month of the regular season, these two teams combined for a jaw-dropping 93 points in a match that ended 48-45 in favor of Seattle. This marks the Seahawks’ third consecutive victory over the Lions.

A Second-Half Surge

The Seahawks, trailing in the first half, orchestrated a masterful comeback in the second half. Despite some doubts after their Week 1 performance, the Seahawks proved their mettle, taking the game into overtime. The highlight came when Geno Smith connected with Tyler Lockett for a six-yard TD, securing a 37-31 win in the opening moments of overtime.

QB Duel: Smith vs. Goff

Both teams showcased their quarterbacks’ prowess. Jared Goff of the Lions threw 35 times, amassing an impressive 323 yards. On the other hand, Geno Smith of the Seahawks threw 41 times, accumulating 328 yards. Together, they combined for five touchdown passes with just one interception.

However, the game wasn’t all about the aerial attack. David Montgomery made his mark with 16 carries, covering 67 yards and scoring a touchdown, though his game was cut short due to an injury. 

The Takeaway

The NFL is not kind to teams that start 0-2, especially those who drop two conference games. For the Seahawks, this win was monumental. They displayed resilience and grit, fighting back in an away game amidst a roaring Detroit crowd.

The Lions, however, will be thinking about this loss. Leading most of the game, they were favorites to clinch this one at home. Yet, the Seahawks snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. As the season progresses, the Lions’ defense will be under scrutiny. This Lions team will provide plenty of exhilarating moments for over-backers and prop backers.

While the Seahawks fly high after this win, the Lions need to regroup and fortify their defenses. With 17 games in the season, there’s a long road ahead, and as we’ve already seen, anything can happen on any given Sunday.

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