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NFL · 21 days ago

Steelers’ George Pickens’ Potential Breakout vs. the 49ers



Steelers’ George Pickens’ Potential Breakout vs. the 49ers

Pittsburgh Steelers’ Underdog Status

The Steelers head into the week as the underdogs at home against the mighty 49ers. While the hype surrounds Nick Bosa’s return, it’s essential not to forget that he won’t dominate every snap. This leaves room for the Steelers’ playmakers, such as George Pickens, to step up and prove their worth.

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The New and Improved Steelers’ Offensive Line

The remade offensive line of the Pittsburgh Steelers promises better protection for their quarterback. With new additions like Broderick Jones and the standout guard from Philly, this O-line seems destined to rank among the league’s elite. The 49ers’ past defense showed vulnerabilities last season, especially against the deep ball. Can the Steelers exploit these gaps?

Pickens’ Potential Deep Ball Domination

Here’s where George Pickens can genuinely shine. If Kenny Pickett gets ample protection, courtesy of the revamped O-line, Pickens might be the player to watch. The statistics spell trouble for the 49ers — they were among the bottom ten teams last season in defending deep balls. Add to that the mismatch that Pickens presents against smaller corners like Deommodore Lenoir. With a height advantage of five inches, expect Pickens to high-point and dominate such matchups.

San Francisco’s Defensive Woes

While San Francisco boasted an elite run defense, they faltered against the deep ball. They allowed a worrying high completion rate to go routes last season, and guess who was frequently targeted on those? George Pickens. Given his ability to “Moss” over defenders, this might be a game-changer for the Steelers.

Conclusion: A Potential Upset in the Making

With the Steelers poised to exploit the 49ers’ defensive vulnerabilities, especially in deep-ball situations, George Pickens stands out as a potential fantasy game-changer. As the Steelers aim to pull off an upset, Pickens could very well be the X-factor in this matchup. Fantasy managers, take note and adjust your lineups accordingly!

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