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NFL · 20 days ago

Super Bowl 58 Odds Shuffle: Breaking Down the Big Movers



Super Bowl 58 Odds Shuffle: Breaking Down the Big Movers

Just a week ago, fans and pundits alike were gearing up for the Thursday night opener in Kansas City. But now, as we enter Week 2, there have been some seismic shifts in the Super Bowl 58 odds. Let’s dive into the most significant moves.

San Francisco 49ers

Preseason: +1000 Current: +800

The 49ers have been marked as the favorite to secure the NFC, even shorter odds than the Eagles. Yet, both teams hold the second-best price to lift the Lombardi trophy at +800

Cincinnati Bengals

Preseason: +1000 Current: +1300

The Bengals saw a slight drift in their odds after a disappointing Week 1 performance against the Cleveland Browns, dropping from +1000 to +1300. 

Miami Dolphins

Preseason:+2100  Current: +1700

The Miami Dolphins looked the part of a real Super Bowl contender in their Week 1 36-34 victory over the Los Angeles Chargers. Miami saw their Super Bowl odds bet down from +2100 to +1700. 

Detroit Lions

Preseason: +2100 Current: +1800

After an impressive Week 1 upset over the defending Super Bowl champs, the Detroit Lions saw their Super Bowl odds rise from +2100 to +1800. 

Jacksonville Jaguars

 Preseason: +2800 Current: +1900

The Jaguars struggled at times during Week 1, but they still managed to sneak out a victory and see their odds rise from +2800 to +1900

Cleveland Browns

Preseason: +3000 Current: +1900

The Browns had a strong performance in Week 1 against the Cincinnati Bengals and ultimately saw their odds bet down from +3000 to +1900

New York Jets

Preseason: +1800 Current: +6500

The most dramatic shift in a negative direction was for the Jets. This change is primarily attributed to the unfortunate Achilles injury to Aaron Rodgers. Without Rodgers, the Jets have seen their odds plummet, encapsulating the Aaron Rodgers effect.

The season has just begun, and already, narratives are being woven, surprises being sprung, and odds being reshuffled. It promises to be a thrilling ride towards Super Bowl 58.

Odds courtesy of the FanDuel Sportsbook. 

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