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NFL · 25 days ago

Super Bowl Insights: Eagles, Jets & Lions See Movement



Super Bowl Insights: Eagles, Jets & Lions See Movement

With the NFL season at our doorstep, fans and bettors alike are keeping an eager eye on the shifting Super Bowl futures. These numbers provide a window into where the betting world sees the balance of power. Let’s dive into the recent odds and percentages.

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Cincinnati Bengals

Opening Odds: +850
Last week’s standing at +1100 has remained unchanged, with their current odds also at +1100. The Bengals seem to be gathering a modest chunk of the betting pie, leading the way with 9.4% tickets, although down the list with an 8.3% handle. Could they be a potential dark horse this season?

Line movement (Open to Current)

  • Eagles +900 to +800
  • Jets +2500 to +1800
  • Lions +2500 to +2200

Philadelphia +Eagles

Opening Odds: +900
The Eagles have witnessed a favorable movement, dropping from their opening odds to +800. Punters appear optimistic, with the Eagles clinching 9.1% of tickets and a noteworthy third-highest handle at 9.2%.

Highest Ticket%

  • Bengals 9.4%
  • Eagles 9.1%
  • Chiefs 9.0%

Kansas City Chiefs

Opening Odds: +600
The Chiefs have maintained consistency, with their odds sticking at +600. They’ve secured 9.0% of tickets and a slightly higher handle at 9.8%, second most amount Super Bowl contenders. The Chiefs remain an attractive bet for many, given their recent history.

Highest Handle%

  • Bills 11.9%
  • Chiefs 9.8%
  • Eagles 9.2%

Buffalo Bills

Opening Odds: +900
Staying steady at +900, the Bills have caught a substantial piece of the action. They might have 7.6% tickets, but the 11.9% handle indicates significant large bets being placed on them. Buffalo leads the way in handle, and the gap between tickets and money wagered indicates the Bills have some big money backing.

Detroit Lions

Opening Odds: +2500
The Lions, originally opening at a long shot of +2500, have improved to +2200. Their current ticket percentage sits at 7.0%, while the handle is 6.3%.

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San Francisco 49ers

Opening Odds: +900
From an initial +900, the 49ers have seen a jump to +1000. Collecting 6.2% tickets and 6.5% handle, it’s clear there’s a mix of optimism and caution among bettors.

New York Jets

Opening Odds: +2500
The Jets have seen a significant shift from +2500 to +1800, reflecting increased confidence. They’ve managed to grab 6.0% of tickets and a close 6.4% handle.

Biggest Liability

  • Steelers
  • Cowboys
  • Lions

Dallas Cowboys

Opening Odds: +1400
Starting at +1400, the Cowboys now sit at +1500. With 4.7% tickets and a higher handle of 8.8%, it’s clear Dallas has seen some smart money flow its way.

These figures offer a snapshot of the betting landscape, but as any seasoned punter knows, the NFL season is long and filled with surprises. Keep a close watch on these numbers, which are sure to swing up and down throughout the season.

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