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NFL · 21 days ago

Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Baker Mayfield: A Cause for Concern?



Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Baker Mayfield: A Cause for Concern?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been the talk of the town, but there’s an undercurrent of worry surrounding their new acquisition, Baker Mayfield. The pressing concern? The compatibility of Mayfield with the Buccaneers’ offensive line. Here’s a deep dive into the potential NFL pitfalls ahead.

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The Offensive Line’s Vulnerabilities

Last season, the Buccaneers’ offensive line ranked 25th in pass block win rate. Those are not numbers you’d associate with a Super Bowl-contending team.

The Tom Brady Factor

While the line’s stats are concerning, they were mitigated by one man’s brilliance: Tom Brady. His lightning-fast release time averaged a mere 2.3 seconds. Not only was this the fastest release time we witnessed last season, but it’s also a historical record for any quarterback with over 650 pass attempts in the NFL. Thanks to this impeccable timing, Brady has secured the title of the least-sacked quarterback for two consecutive years.



Baker Mayfield’s Worrisome Stats

When we pivot to Mayfield, the contrast is stark. He holds onto the ball longer than average, ranking 71 and 72 out of 77 qualifying quarterbacks in sack rate. An even more alarming stat? When under pressure last year, Mayfield had the worst pressure-to-sack ratio. In simpler terms, he was taking sacks at the highest rate of any quarterback in the league.

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The Buccaneers’ Dilemma

Given the offensive line’s past performance and Baker Mayfield’s stats under pressure, the Buccaneers might have a potential crisis on their hands. Without a lightning-fast release akin to Brady’s, Mayfield might find himself on the ground way more than the Buccaneers would like.

What Does it All Mean?

The integration of Baker Mayfield behind their current offensive line poses questions. It’s a potential matchup that fans and analysts will watch keenly as the season progresses. Only time will tell if this union will prove fruitful or if the Buccaneers will need to rethink their strategy.

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