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NFL · 4 weeks ago

Tennessee Titans Futures: Caught Between Rebuilding and Star Power


A Team in Need of a Reset?

The Tennessee Titans find themselves in a tricky situation, as many believe the team should hit the reset button. However, with the organization pushing for a new stadium, sending a message that they’re ready to lose in the short term isn’t easy. The Titans are well-coached and have enough talent to win 8-10 games, but there’s a lingering question of whether they have enough firepower to succeed this season.

Quarterback Concerns

A few years ago, Ryan Tannehill led the Titans as one of the best quarterbacks in the division. Now, with  Will Levis arriving, Tannehill still there, and second-year pivot Malik Willis in the mix, the Titans’ quarterback situation is in flux. With Trevor Lawrence performing as he did last year, the Titans have slipped to the bottom of the division in terms of their quarterback depth.

A Team in Transition

The Titans appear to be caught between rebuilding and trying to capitalize on their remaining star power. With the future of Derrick Henry uncertain, it’s hard to see Tennessee being as competitive as they have been in recent years. The organization needs to figure out its quarterback situation and whether Levis will get an opportunity to start right away.

Defensive Woes

While the Titans’ defense has some talent, including standout player Jeffery Simmons, it’s by no means dominant. The defense may be above average, but it’s not enough to carry a team with a limited passing game. They will need to strengthen their D to remain competitive.

A Potential Fade Season for Derrick Henry

As the Titans look to join the ranks of teams with more passing-oriented offenses, this could be a disappointing season for Derrick Henry. The talented running back has a lot of mileage on his tires, and his production may decline before he reaches age 30 in January.

The Titans face a challenging season as they try to find their footing in a rapidly changing NFL landscape. With an uncertain quarterback situation, a defense that’s not entirely up to par, and concerns about their star running back, the Titans should struggle to compete in their division this year.


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