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NFL · 20 days ago

Texans Shock Bengals in Week 10, C.J. Stroud is for Real



Texans Shock Bengals in Week 10, C.J. Stroud is for Real

Matt Ammendola made a pivotal field goal in Cincinnati, marking a significant moment for the Houston Texans after their starting kicker was injured.

The game itself was a rollercoaster. The Texans, holding a double-digit lead with approximately 3.5 minutes left in the fourth quarter, seemed to be cruising to victory. Joe Burrow, quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals, had thrown several interceptions, contributing to what appeared to be an impending loss for Cincinnati. However, a twist came when C.J. Stroud, the Texans’ rookie quarterback, threw his second interception of the year, leading to a Bengals’ score.

In a dramatic turn, the Bengals were poised to take the lead after a touchdown pass to Tyler Boyd, but Boyd dropped the ball in the end zone. Settling for a field goal, the Bengals tied the game, only for Stroud to orchestrate another game-winning drive, culminating in Ammendola’s 36-yard field goal.

The Texans, underdogs by 5.5 points, stunned everyone with an outright win in Cincinnati. Stroud and rookie head coach DeMeco Ryans have now led the Texans to a winning record of five wins and four losses. The team overcame significant challenges, including the absence of their top wide receiver and running back, to control the game against the formidable Bengals.

Despite a rough start and a critical mistake by Stroud, the Texans showed remarkable resilience. Devin Singletary stepped up with 150 rushing yards on 30 carries, and Noah Brown made an impressive contribution with seven receptions for 172 yards. This performance underscores the growing potential and talent within the Texans’ roster, even in the face of adversity and reliance on less experienced players.

The Houston Texans, after nine games, hold a winning record, an outcome that is both sensational and unexpected in the context of this NFL season.

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