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NFL · 2 months ago

The Miami Dolphins Secondary is a Primary Problem



The Miami Dolphins Secondary is a Primary Problem

In the high-stakes world of the NFL, weaknesses, however minor, are magnified, dissected, and, most crucially, exploited. The Miami Dolphins, despite their high-scoring offense that’s kept them ahead in many games, now face scrutiny over an evident flaw: their secondary.

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The Dolphins’ Achilles heel was glaringly exposed recently, and this vulnerability can be traced back to one significant absence: Jalen Ramsey. Once a stalwart in the Dolphins’ secondary, Ramsey underwent Meniscus Surgery and has been sidelined for most of the season. Although there’s hope of a November comeback, the reality of the injury suggests it might be a touch optimistic. The rehab for such an injury typically spans 3 to 4 months.

The secondary concerns for the Dolphins don’t stop with Ramsey. Eli Apple, who had been regularly clocking in substantial game time, was sidelined due to a neck injury. Additionally, the absence of DeShon Elliott, nursing ankle and groin injuries, has further weakened their defensive depth.

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The Buffalo Bills sensed this vulnerability and pounced. Strategically, they saw the gap in the Dolphins’ armor and attacked with precision. Stefon Diggs was nothing short of spectacular, running riot through the Dolphins’ makeshift secondary. Meanwhile, Gabe Davis continued his impressive touchdown streak, making it seem almost routine. Josh Allen, the Bills’ quarterback, remained composed and error-free, leading the charge against a weakened Dolphins defense.

As we look forward to the Dolphins’ schedule, the encounters in Week 7 against the Philadelphia Eagles and Week 9 versus the mighty Kansas City Chiefs loom large. Both these teams possess the firepower to target and exploit the Dolphins’ frail secondary.

In the NFL, a team’s weakness becomes a beacon for opponents to target, and as things stand, the route to subduing the Dolphins is evident: aim for the secondary, and success will likely follow.

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