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NFL · 18 days ago

The Road Ahead for Aaron Rodgers and the New York Jets



The Road Ahead for Aaron Rodgers and the New York Jets

Last night, the NFL community collectively held its breath as veteran quarterback Aaron Rodgers of the New York Jets suffered a season-ending injury. At 39 years old, in his 19th NFL season, many wonder if this could spell the end of Rodgers’s illustrious career. But before you start placing bets on the retirement odds, you might want to hear what Dr. David Chao has to say.

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Dr. David Chao, a respected figure in sports medicine, provides a glimmer of hope for the fans and the team. When asked if he thinks this is the last time we see Rodgers on a football field, he firmly stated, “No, not at all.”

Rodgers might be out for the season, but given his position, there’s a slim chance he could return, especially if the team sees playoff potential.

However, management could face a dilemma if Zach Wilson performs well enough to get the Jets into the playoffs. Would you pull the guy who brought you there for an 80 percent effective Rodgers?

Chao believes that Rodgers can and will make a reliable recovery. Drawing a comparison to the NBA, Kevin Durant faced skepticism in 2019 about his return post-injury. “Everyone said Kevin Durant wouldn’t be the same, and I was saying, yes, he can, and yes, he will. And he certainly has come back to be the same.”

He added that playing NBA basketball above the rim is much harder than being an NFL quarterback, so Durant’s triumphant return is an example that Rodgers could emulate.

With his competitive fire and expectations with the Jets, Rodgers is unlikely to walk away on this note. While only time will tell, the prognosis seems promising for the veteran quarterback.

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