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NFL · 14 days ago

The State Of the New York Jets: To Believe In Zach Wilson or Not?



The State Of the New York Jets: To Believe In Zach Wilson or Not?

Despite their strong start in which the New York Jets scored a divisional victory, the outlook isn’t too sunny in the Big Apple. The odds aren’t in their favor, with the Jets now standing at +3000 to win the AFC. Moreover, even in the AFC East, they lag with odds of +550 despite being the only team to boast a divisional win in the 2023 season.

The focus now falls on Zach Wilson, the quarterback whose trajectory and potential are now the talk of the town. The question everyone seems to be asking is straightforward: Should the Jets still hang their hopes on Wilson, or should they start scouting for new quarterback prospects?

For many, the narrative seems a tad premature. True, Wilson has had his share of shaky performances. However, the Jets’ woes can’t be squarely placed on his shoulders. It’s essential to realize that he’s been with the team for a couple of years and, ideally, should have grasped the playbook by now. But there’s more to a successful team than just playbook proficiency.

Some might argue, “Why not scout for new talent? Perhaps Matt Ryan or Philip Rivers? Or even pitch to Tom Brady?” These suggestions, although tempting, aren’t rooted in long-term vision. Wilson, regardless of his inconsistency, is still a developing talent. The Jets need to make a pivotal decision: invest in him and give him the season’s remaining games, or cut ties.

Here’s where the perspective of getting closure on Wilson gains merit. By the end of the season, the Jets will either be vindicated in their faith in him or realize it’s time to change gears. If the latter, then pursuing talents like Nick Foles might make more sense. If they’re unwilling to do that, it begs the question: Why is Wilson still on the roster?

Moreover, the recent injury to Aaron Rodgers adds another dimension to this debate. While Rodgers’ career is illustrious, his injury at his age could be a significant roadblock to his return. With him potentially not returning, the quarterback market will be more volatile than ever.

To expect a young quarterback like Wilson to perform at Rodgers’ level would be unrealistic. What the Jets can hope for is clarity. Is Wilson their quarterback of the future or just another name of their history?

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