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NFL · 13 days ago

The Vikings Can’t Hold On: Fumbles, Not Cousins, the Issue



The Vikings Can’t Hold On: Fumbles, Not Cousins, the Issue

It was a tale of two narratives for the Minnesota Vikings on Thursday night, a script that could have been written for the most dramatic of sporting showdowns. While Kirk Cousins delivered prime-time, putting up impressive numbers, the team’s inability to hold onto the football proved their undoing.

With his erratic win-loss record, Cousins has been both a shining star and a point of contention for the Vikings. Yet, his performance against the Philadelphia Eagles was nothing short of exceptional.

He threw for a staggering 364 yards on 44 pass attempts, the same number they threw against the Buccaneers. Cousins showcased his precision and flair with four passing touchdowns. The Eagles’ defense struggled to contain him, especially when he connected with Justin Jefferson, who caught the ball 11 times for 159 yards.

However, the Vikings’ downfall was their ground game, or the lack thereof, mustering a meager 28 yards. The undeniable blot on their performance? Fumbles.

The repercussions were immediately felt as the Eagles converted a key opportunity into a 61-yard field goal from Jake Elliott. The momentum had undoubtedly shifted. The Eagles, rejuvenated, came out all guns blazing in the second half, securing a strip-sack fumble that quickly led to another touchdown.

Despite the formidable connection of Cousins and Jefferson, the Eagles’ defense, battered and bruised, held firm. They continuously lost players to injuries but managed to display resilience. 

The match showcased the unpredictability and drama of the NFL. While the Eagles march forward, the Vikings will undoubtedly look back at this game, not for the brilliance of Cousins but for the missed opportunities and those heartbreaking fumbles.

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