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NFL · 13 days ago

Tom Brady, Anyone? Which Free Agent Quarterbacks Could the Jets Sign?

David Connelly - SportsGrid

David Connelly - SportsGrid

Tom Brady, Anyone? Which Free Agent Quarterbacks Could the Jets Sign?

In just 72 hours, it’s gone from party mode to panic mode for the New York Jets following a confirmed season-ending injury for quarterback Aaron Rodgers. After rupturing his Achilles early into his team debut, the Jets are desperate for an answer at quarterback with such a talented roster on both sides of the football.

Here are four free agents we believe New York should consider kicking the tires on in the coming days and weeks.

Additionally, the Jets could opt to trade for a quarterback.

Tom Brady

It feels improbable that the Jets could successfully lure TB12 out of retirement, but it’s already been done once in his illustrious career. Before the front office pushes further down the list, it’d be in their best interest to confirm that the greatest quarterback ever to live has zero interest in taking over one of the most talented rosters in the NFL.

Matt Ryan

Ryan looked mostly dusted towards the end of last season, but he also had Jeff Saturday as his head coach and very few weapons at his disposal. The situation in New York is far better, and Ryan is a former league MVP at just 38 years old. While he may not have the mobility or zip on his arm that he used to, there may be enough left in the former signal-caller’s tank to bring this Jets team closer to the ceiling it had with Rodgers at the helm.

Colt McCoy

This would be as desperate as desperate could get. McCoy is a complete bust that has struggled to find any solid footing at any point in his NFL career as a starter, but he’s a warm body that could sit under center, hand the ball off, sling a few slant routs, mitigate the mistakes, and learn the playbook in a hurry. He is probably one of the worst options out there, but it is desperate times in East Rutherford.

Carson Wentz

Wentz has clearly been holding out for a situation like this, and now feels like the time. At just 30 years old, he feels like the most ready option among these four. While 2022 was a disaster in Washington for Wentz, he’s just over a year removed from tossing 27 touchdowns and just seven interceptions in 2021 with the Indianapolis Colts, narrowly missing the postseason.

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