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NCAAF · 19 days ago

Top Message Board Melt Downs of Week 2 in College Football

Sammy Jacobs

Sammy Jacobs

Top Message Board Melt Downs of Week 2 in College Football

College football has returned, meaning overreactions on the message boards are back on the menu.

Here is a look at the top message board reactions from the Power Five conference, and boy, was week two full of candidates.

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ACC: Clemson

When the big boys fall, it’s funny. Clemson fans kept it simple as they struggled early against Charleston Southern.

BOOO! B000000! B0000000 THESE CLOWNS!” – MidlandTigers87 via Message Board Geniuses

Big XII: Oklahoma

The Sooners narrowly beat SMU on Saturday, and fans wanted Art Briles to take over… Yes, that Art Briles.

Well, if (Briles) called the game, he puts up 50+ on SMU. If he is gonna be there supporting his son-in-law, might as well get him a burner phone to text from…” – Michl1998 via OU Insider

Big Ten: Nebraska & Michigan State

The Cornhuskers make it too easy to pick on as they fell to 0-2 against hated rival Colorado and Coach Prime. Everything’s not alright in Lincoln, as fans are already done with OC Scott Satterfield.

SatterFrosts offense sucks, just like Frosts. The routes take way too long to develop. Put your players in a position to succeed, square pegs in round holes for the 6th straight year is sad.” – Makogravy via Husker Online.

A late entry to the contest as a scathing report on Mel Tucker came out about being investigated for sexual harassment. Michigan State fans can’t enjoy a win without waiting for the other shoe to drop. Maybe they need to cover it up better, like Michigan.

This is why I’m such a damn cynic. We get to 2-0, we’re looking good, I’m starting to feel excited about the Washington game… And then I wake up to this *********. Now, all of the focus this week, this month, and probably this entire season will be on this *****. Tucker will be bombarded about it at every press conference by our own “reasonable journalists,” while ESPN and the freep will unleash everything they have to bring Tucker and our program down. I wish we could cover stuff up like UM does.” – Sparty419 via Spartan Tailgate.

Pac-12: Oregon

After putting up 81 points in Week 1, the Ducks’ offense was not as potent, and an early deficit on the road against Texas Tech had the Oregon fans in shambles. The Ducks would win 38-30 and even covered the 4.5-point spread.

Does Lanning even care?! Just zero emotion and the team is feeding off that. Could we be any more flat?! Embarrassing.” – AmazingDuck via Duck Territory

SEC: Alabama

There were plenty of candidates for the SEC. Texas A&M was in meltdown mode, as was South Carolina and Tennessee, but when Alabama loses (or as some on the boards say, looses) a non-conference game at home, the Tide take the cake. This Alabama fan thinks it’s time for Saban to hang it up in Tuscaloosa. 

I know some of [you] don’t want to hear this, but Saban needs to retire. We were out-coached tonight, our team lacked discipline, and our new DC looked like our old DC.”

Weather Delay Saturday: Georgia

Bad weather was the day’s theme for games on the Eastern Seaboard, as multiple games were delayed hours due to lightning and torrential rain. This Georgia fan is over weather delays. To heck with the lightning. Play ball!

“​​These lightning delays are ridiculous. So the players go in the locker room, and the 90,000 fans have to sit there on metal bleachers in the rain and get struck by lightning. It’s never happened. Get on with the game.” – DeepRig9 via SEC Rant

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