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NCAAF · a month ago

Top Message Board Melts Down Week 1 of College Football

Sammy Jacobs

Sammy Jacobs

Top Message Board Melts Down Week 1 of College Football

College football has returned, meaning overreactions on the message boards are back in action.

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Here is a look at the top message board reactions from the Power Five conferences.

ACC: Clemson

Clemson took a season-opening loss to the Duke Blue Devils 28-7 on Monday night, and suddenly, “Clemsoning” is back. Tiger fans were unhappy, and there was plenty of message board fodder to pick from, but this poster had a lot to get off his chest. In short, BlueRidgeBoy wants to let Dabo Swinney know he is not God.

“Coach Swinney. I’m not sure if you read these boards or not, but as a lifelong Tiger fan, I’d like to at least get this message out there. Coach, you have brought those underwhelming product you call a football program to us, personally putting a dagger through our dynasty from high atop your high horse. Your lack of foresight and vision of an ever-expanding free market world has been truly detrimental to our boys’ chances of having a team that can compete for titles. “We built this program in God’s image and likeness…Again, if we’re having to use it to help build our roster, that means we’ve missed on kids, and we’re no longer signing the best of the best out there. I don’t see that coming…well, guess what bub…what you didn’t see coming…has come.” – Blueridgeboy1217.

Big XII: Texas Tech

The Red Raiders entered the season hoping to win a Big XII title. They exit Week 1 with one poster just being done with Texas Tech athletics as the Red Raiders dropped their opener against Wyoming 35-33.

“Screw this school and athletic department…Tech athletics is sooooo embarrassment.” – raideralumsa via Inside the Red Raiders.

Big Ten: Nebraska

It could have been easy to put Ohio State here, but waiting for an absolute Buckeye meltdown might be better. So, Nebraska it is. After all the hubbub about a new coach in Matt Rhule and how the program was on its way back, the Huskers dropped another one-score game, this time 13-10 to Minnesota. This fan wants to shut it down.

“Shut the program down.” – MMackey5 via HuskersOnline.

Pac-12: Oregon State

The Oregon State Beavers didn’t lose or come close to losing this weekend, but they were left in the cold when the Pac-12 was picked apart. This poster is over the money grab so USC can fund women’s pickleball, so get ready for a walkout and shutdown unless the players start getting what they deserve.

“I think we all need to be extremists in the CB player empowerment side of things. These athletes put their bodies on the lines for USC to collect $60 million so their administration can get far and happy and fund women’s pickleball? SCREW THAT.

Caleb Williams should demand [that] he make a percentage of the USC TV money over this next TV contract. Does USC make the Big Ten jump if they’re a 5-7 team getting curb-stomped by Oregon State every year? No chance!

I wanna see the Michigan and Ohio State players walk out on their game unless their universities pay each player a few million [dollars]. How much money does that one game generate? They deserve more money!!!

Give me holdouts, give me walkouts, give me shutdowns. Give me everything these presidents are asking for and more. Make them bleed for their greed.” – RDU Beaver via Beaver Blitz.

SEC: LSU Tigers

All is not well on the Bayou as the LSU Tigers were outscored 31-7 in the second half and took home a 45-24 loss to the Florida State Seminoles. One LSU poster gave a concise message on why the Tigers lost.

“Our DBs suck

Our WRs suck

Our OL sucks

Our RBs suck

Our play calling on offense sucks

Our play calling on defense sucks

Our recruiting sucks

We are not good.

I see at least three more losses on the horizon.” – Grizzlylongcut via Tiger Rant.

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