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NFL · 18 days ago

Vikings’ Alexander Mattison’s Rising Fantasy Stardom



Vikings’ Alexander Mattison’s Rising Fantasy Stardom

The Minnesota Vikings have long been a focal point for fantasy football enthusiasts. This season, there’s a fresh wave of excitement, and it’s all centered around one name: Alexander Mattison.

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Unraveling the Value: Mattison’s Pricing on FanDuel and DraftKings

At a glance, Mattison’s pricing on FanDuel ($7,300) and DK ($6,500) might raise eyebrows for some, given Tampa’s strong defense against the run. But here’s why this could be the ultimate steal for fantasy players:

  1. Game Script in Favor: The expectation is for Minnesota to take a significant lead in their matchup. A comfortable lead translates to more field time for Mattison, ensuring more opportunities for fantasy point accumulation.

  2. High Touchdown Equity: Not all players guarantee touchdowns, but Mattison’s current form and the game’s expected flow provide him a substantial chance. Especially on platforms like FanDuel, where half-PPR scoring makes touchdowns all the more critical, Mattison stands out.

  3. A Dominating Minnesota Offense: Doubts around Baker Mayfield’s capacity to challenge the Vikings’ offense on the road only bolster the case for a Minnesota-dominated game. And with predictions of the Vikings racking up at least 30 points against the Bucs, Mattison is poised to be at the epicenter of this fantasy storm.

Week One: A Mix of Predictability and Surprises

While week one in the NFL can be notoriously unpredictable, with unexpected twists and turns, there are some bets that just feel right. With his potential game time and high touchdown probability, Alexander Mattison seems to be one of those safer bets. The game script, the team dynamics, and the opposition all hint at a fantasy bonanza for Mattison enthusiasts.

Conclusion: The Mid-Value RB Star of the Week

In a sea of high-profile names and skyrocketing values, Alexander Mattison emerges as the potential mid-value running back star of the week. For those looking to strike a balance between value and potential in their fantasy lineups, Mattison might just be the answer.

Stay tuned for more updates, insights, and tips as we navigate the thrilling world of NFL fantasy football, especially from a Minnesota Vikings perspective!

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