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NFL · 3 months ago

Warren Sharp Dives Deep into CJ Stroud’s Impressive Numbers



Warren Sharp Dives Deep into CJ Stroud’s Impressive Numbers

While the NFL universe had been abuzz about Anthony Richardson and Bryce Young, one player who shouldn’t be left in the shadows is the Houston Texans’ very own CJ Stroud. Overshadowed by the hype of his peers, Stroud has shown that he’s potentially the best of the lot, and his recent performances lend credence to that notion.

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Early into the season, Stroud faced adversity. In Week 1, he was hit 10 times and sacked five. Fast forward to Week 2, and he was hit nine times and sacked six. Despite this pressure, Stroud’s resilience shone through. Without being hassled, he clocked in impressive stats. He stood number two in EPA, was second in rate of passing beyond the sticks, eighth in yards per attempt, and fourth in third-down conversion rate in the initial weeks.

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The big test came against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Stroud was pressured in only 30% of his dropbacks, ranking him ninth lowest in pressure faced last week. His efficiency was stellar. He recorded as number two in yards per attempt, third in EPA per attempt, and fourth in success rate. Remember, Stroud was operating with just one of the five starting offensive linemen, as envisioned by the Texans in the preseason.

Credit is also due to the Texans’ offensive coordinator, Bobby Slowik. The synergy between a playmaker like Stroud and a savvy play-caller like Slowik is undeniable. Their combined effort shone against Jacksonville, creating explosive plays and capitalizing on opportunities.

Bettors who backed Stroud and his weapons reaped benefits. Notably, bets on Stroud, hitting his receivers for their longest receptions, and total receptions for Tank Dell, which stood at 3.5 at +135, paid off handsomely. It seems the underestimation of Dell and the Texans’ passing game will be reevaluated in future matchups.

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However, challenges lie ahead for Stroud and the Texans. They’re set to face the aggressive defense of the Pittsburgh Steelers next week. With the Steelers’ potent pass rush, the Texans’ offensive line needs to step up. But if there’s a lapse in Pittsburgh’s pressure, expect Stroud to capitalize. Given his form, the marvel that is CJ Stroud is poised to deliver more standout performances.

In a nutshell, Stroud’s start to the year is deserving of more attention. He’s not just another quarterback; he’s a rising star making a statement in the league. Watch out, NFL. CJ Stroud is here to make his mark!

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