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NFL · 13 days ago

Warren Sharps Tells You Why the Rams are a Mirage vs. 49ers



Warren Sharps Tells You Why the Rams are a Mirage vs. 49ers

In what promises to be a marquee NFL matchup, the Los Angeles Rams face off against their NFC West rivals, the San Francisco 49ers. While the Rams’ defense seemed impressive last week, a deeper dive reveals some vulnerabilities that could be the deciding factor in this game.

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The narrative after the Rams’ last outing was dominated by their seemingly stout defense. But was that performance an accurate representation of their caliber, or was it a mirage? Let’s break it down.

In their clash against Seattle, the Seahawks managed to drive the ball to the Rams’ 25-yard line in their first four drives. However, a striking turnaround saw the following five Seahawks’ drives fail to gain more than 10 yards. The turning point? Seattle lost both of their starting offensive tackles, derailing their offensive machinery.



Now, the pertinent question: Will history repeat itself when the Rams square off against the Niners? The likelihood of the San Francisco 49ers losing both tackles seems slim. If the 49ers maintain a healthy offensive line, they might enjoy considerable offensive success, akin to what the Seahawks achieved with their fit tackles in play.

There’s more food for thought. Matthew Stafford‘s track record against the Kyle Shanahan-led 49ers isn’t stellar. With a tally of seven touchdowns to six interceptions and a modest average of 6.3 yards per pass attempt, it’s evident that the Niners’ defense has been a thorn in Stafford’s side. Additionally, he’s faced pressure on 31% of his dropbacks against them.

Another significant area of concern for the Rams has been their inability to establish a ground game. Last week against the Seahawks, the Rams’ backfield produced a meager 2.2 yards per carry. If this trend continues, it could spell trouble for the Rams.

While the Rams’ defense might’ve painted a rosy picture last week, the San Francisco 49ers present a formidable challenge. Given the data and recent performances, it seems likely that the Niners could exceed their team total and find significant offensive success come Sunday.