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NFL · 24 days ago

Week 1 DFS Dilemma: Starting James Connor of the Arizona Cardinals



Week 1 DFS Dilemma: Starting James Connor of the Arizona Cardinals

James Conner of the Arizona Cardinals: The Seventh-Round Quandary

Navigating through the world of fantasy football, managers often find themselves in situations where the decisions they make in the draft come back to haunt them during the season. One such player who’s proven to be a double-edged sword is Conner of the Cardinals. The question remains – should you start him against the Washington Commanders in Week 1?

Draft Choices and Their Repercussions

  • The James Conner Dilemma: Drafting James Conner feels like a trap many have fallen into. With a plethora of drafts and leagues, the selection of Conner seems like a regular feature for many. But the question is, why?

  • Hope Versus Reality: Optimistically, drafting Conner must have been a bet on Kyler Murray’s recovery, banking on his commitment to the game and rehab. But with uncertainty at the QB position, it throws Conner’s role in the offense into jeopardy.

Starting Conner: A Toss-Up

  • Commit to Your Choices: If you’ve drafted James Conner, there’s no point in regret now. Starting him seems like the logical choice. After all, what’s the alternative? You invested a seventh-round pick in him, and sitting him on the bench feels like a waste of that investment.

  • Best-Case Scenario: Hope for those red-zone opportunities. With the QB situation as it is, Conner’s best chance at fantasy points seems to lie in the hands of defensive errors and short-yardage situations.

Betting Element: Rolling the Dice with Conner

  • Looking for a Miracle: Conner’s fantasy output seems directly tied to the Cardinals’ QB situation. If Murray miraculously plays, Conner’s prospects might improve.

  • Hoping for the Goal Line: In DFS betting, you might bet on Conner’s touchdown chances rather than his yardage. A pass interference call in the end zone, followed by a couple of short-yardage runs, could get him into the end zone.


Starting Conner against the Commanders in Week 1 feels like a leap of faith. It’s a combination of commitment to past decisions and hope for the best. While it’s not the most confident start, fantasy football is full of surprises. And who knows, Conner might just prove the doubters wrong. But if you’re betting on him, do so cautiously.

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