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NFL · 17 days ago

Week 1: The New Orleans Saints Versus the Tennessee Titans



Week 1: The New Orleans Saints Versus the Tennessee Titans

New Orleans Saints vs. Tennessee Titans: Ground and Pound Battle with a Fantasy Twist

When we talk about the NFL, the dynamics of the game can change dramatically within just a few seasons. As we head into Week 1, the game between the New Orleans Saints and Tennessee Titans perfectly exemplifies that shift.

The Saints’ Transformation

From an offensive juggernaut led by Drew Brees connecting with Marcus Colston, Devery Henderson, and Jimmy Graham, the Saints have evolved. They’ve moved from a high-flying offense to a more conservative, defense-first, ground-and-pound style.

  • Fantasy Disappointment: Alvin Kamara
    Last season, Kamara’s numbers left much to be desired, especially for those who had him in their fantasy lineup. With only four touchdowns combined with his carries and receptions, he was far from the PPR monster we’ve come to expect.

Titan’s Reliability on the Run Game

The Titans, similarly, would prioritize their run game no matter how stellar their wide receiver lineup might be.

  • Derrick Henry is the Heartbeat
    Despite a horde of receiving talents, the ball finds its way into the hands of Henry. Coach Mike Vrabel’s strategy is evident: establish the run, control the clock, and set the tone physically.

Betting Element Subheaders

  • Game Total: Given the run-heavy approach of both teams and their strong defensive units, a low-scoring affair seems plausible. Betters should consider the under.

  • Kendre Miller’s Availability: This could impact the Saints’ offensive game plan. If he’s inactive, there could be an increased role for Jamal Williams.

  • Taysom Hill Factor: For those betting on player props, watch out for how much Hill plays. He could affect passing and rushing stats, making him a wild card in any bet.

  • Receivers to Watch: Michael Thomas and Chris Olave’s route participation could determine the Saints’ aerial success. For the Titans, Treylon’s Burks health and game-time role will be pivotal.

  • The Titan’s Tight End Scenario: If Chigoziem Okonkow demonstrates that he can block reliably, he might just become an every-down player like Hunter Henry. For fantasy purposes and touchdown scorer bets, a TE playing that many snaps is a potential goldmine.

Final Takeaway

This game promises to be a battle in the trenches with both teams emphasizing the run game. While this might not lead to explosive plays and high scores, it makes for intriguing prop bets and fantasy decisions. As with all Week 1 matchups, the unpredictability factor is high, so tread lightly and enjoy the return of football!

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