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NHL · 2 months ago

Who are the Most Hated Teams in the NHL?



Who are the Most Hated Teams in the NHL?

In hockey, nothing gets NHL fans riled up quite like discussions about their most loved, or in this case, hated franchises. Recently, a particular list on social media got everyone’s blood boiling, prompting us to explore the NHL’s most detested teams.

Topping the list, unsurprisingly, is the Boston Bruins. With its legacy and passionate fan base, this historic franchise often finds itself in the crosshairs of rival supporters. But the real shock comes as we delve deeper. The Toronto Maple Leafs standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the Bruins in the “unpopularity” ranks makes sense. But then, the waters get murkier.

The Penguins at ninth? The Montreal Canadiens only at eighth? Surely a mistake! The Canadiens, with their storied past, have long been a thorn in the side of many teams, making them, in the eyes of many, a far more significant adversary than the list suggests.

But the true jaw-dropper might be seeing the Detroit Red Wings all the way down at the 20th spot, paired bizarrely with the Coyotes at 21. Who could possibly have animosity for the Coyotes? It’s almost like hating a ghost. Most people don’t even know the ‘Yotes exist.

Meanwhile, the Ottawa Senators find themselves nestled at the 15th spot. One can’t help but ponder if the international NHL fan community even recognizes them as a significant force to detest. Ottawa is making headlines in the US.

The personal vendettas of fans differ, of course. For some, the rivalries are historic, like the Penguins and the Flyers or the Islanders and the Canadiens. For others, newer franchises like the Vegas Golden Knights might be the bane due to their fast rise and enthusiastic, albeit naive, fan base.

Speaking of fan bases, while some might find the Golden Knights annoying, others seem to have a bone to pick with Avalanche fans. Perhaps it’s a regional thing or just good ol’ rivalry banter. The fact they are both so good probably also adds another layer of emotion.

Amid these discussions, a spotlight shines on Brad Marchand of the Bruins. A player whose antics have ranged from eyebrow-raising to downright controversial. Yet, his connection to Sidney Crosby, the NHL’s golden boy, offers a fresh perspective on Marchand’s journey. Crosby’s mentorship, particularly around respecting fans and embodying the spirit of the sport, transformed Marchand, making us question the depth of their rivalry.

Ultimately, hockey’s passion extends beyond the rink and into these fiery debates. And while opinions might vary, there’s no denying that the league’s vibrancy, rivalries, and narratives make it one of the most captivating sports on the planet.

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