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NCAAB · 2 months ago

Who Could Be the Deion Sanders of College Basketball?

David Connelly - SportsGrid

David Connelly - SportsGrid

Who Could Be the Deion Sanders of College Basketball?

Deion Sanders and the Colorado Buffaloes have taken the sports world by storm with constant headlines and stories surrounding his arrival in Boulder.

After seeing Prime’s impact on the Buffs and college football, we look at which basketball greats could similarly affect college hoops.

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Allen Iverson

Iverson is one of few NBA players that could match the swagger of Deion Sanders. Everything AI did during his time in the NBA was cool, whether it was his killer crossover, baggy pants, or his infamous practice rant. He has a little coaching experience after spending one season as the coach of 3s Company in the Big3 in 2018, but he has not coached since. If things with Ed Cooley don’t work out at Georgetown, we believe The Answer might be worth a phone call.

Michael Jordan

Jordan is the obvious answer. There may not be a player in American sports history with the lore and aura that he possesses. While he has been one of the worst owners in the NBA during his time with the Charlotte Hornets, the media still hones in on his presence. While he has never really expressed any interest in manning the sidelines at any level, a return to Chapel Hill for MJ would be a massive headline.

LeBron James

The internet may break if LeBron coaches at any level moving forward. We’ve already seen constant coverage of his time as the AAU coach for his sons, so it’s easy to imagine the mayhem if he did so at the collegiate level. If there is any interest in coaching from James once his career concludes, we’d imagine he’d get a fair shot somewhere.

Shaquille O’Neal

Shaq’s larger-than-life presence – figuratively and literally – makes him one of the more fun names on the list. His personality and all-time greatness mirror that of Sanders, while his knowledge of the game has impressed many during his time on Inside the NBA. 

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