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NFL · 15 days ago

Who Could the New York Jets Trade For at Quarterback?

David Connelly - SportsGrid

David Connelly - SportsGrid

Who Could the New York Jets Trade For at Quarterback?

In just 72 hours, it’s gone from party mode to panic mode for the New York Jets following a confirmed season-ending injury for quarterback Aaron Rodgers. After rupturing his Achilles early into his team debut, the Jets are desperate for an answer at quarterback with such a talented roster on both sides of the football.

Here are four guys we believe New York should consider trading for ahead of October’s trade deadline.

Additionally, the Jets could opt to sign a free-agent quarterback.

Kirk Cousins

Cousins feels nearly untouchable as a starter, but it’s not as ridiculous as you may think. In line to become a free agent in 2024, it would best suit the Vikings to try and get some return on Cousins before his deal runs out. If Minnesota sits at 2-6 approaching the trade deadline at the end of October, keep an eye out for swirling rumors on a potential blockbuster.

Ryan Tannehill

This one is far less exciting than Cousins, but still an upgrade compared to the current quarterback room. Tannehill had the worst Week 1 out of any veteran quarterback by a wide margin, but he’s proven to be a capable starter for several years in the NFL. With first-round pick Will Levis waiting in the wings, it wouldn’t be a shock to see Tannehill moved to the Jets before the deadline.

Gardner Minshew

Minshew is one of the top backups in the NFL. He boasts a 44-15 touchdown-to-interception ratio across his career and has experience as a starter in the league with 24 under his belt. It’s not as sexy as the previous two considerations, but Minshew could have enough to help push this team deep into the postseason.

Jacoby Brissett

Brissett is bottom-of-the-barrel on this list, but he’s proven capable throughout his career. While he isn’t typically going out there and winning football games alone, he’ll rarely prevent you from doing so like Zach Wilson has in the past. It’s not the sexiest pick, but a game manager is all the Jets need with the amount of talent on this roster.

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