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NCAAF · 22 days ago

Will Deion Sanders Stay with the Colorado Buffaloes?



Will Deion Sanders Stay with the Colorado Buffaloes?

The college football coaching carousel is always full of speculation and surprises, and Deion Sanders of the Colorado Buffaloes is currently a major part of that conversation. Despite rumors linking him to other high-profile jobs, Sanders seems committed to staying with Colorado, at least for the near future.

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Sanders’ statement about not being interested in other coaching positions seems genuine, especially considering his personal ties to the university. Both of his sons are currently enrolled at Colorado and have another year of eligibility left. A move to another program would mean they’d face sitting out a year due to transfer rules, which is a significant consideration for Sanders.

The Buffaloes have indeed struggled recently, notching more losses than wins. This downturn might have cooled off some of the heat Sanders had back in September, but it doesn’t diminish his capabilities as a coach. His commitment to Colorado in these challenging times speaks to his dedication to the program and desire to build something lasting.

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From the perspective of other major programs like Texas A&M, it’s understandable why they would want to see Sanders prove himself with a more successful season, perhaps an eight or nine-win campaign in a Power Five conference, before offering him a lucrative deal. Such a season would solidify Sanders’ status as a top-tier coach capable of leading a high-profile program.

There have been reports of Texas A&M considering other big names like Lane Kiffin, Dabo Swinney, and Sanders himself. However, it seems Sanders is not on the move, at least for now. The allure of big money is always a factor in these decisions, as seen in the case of Dan Lanning, who, despite his success and commitment to Georgia, could be swayed by a significant offer.

In college football, where coaching changes can be as dramatic and unpredictable as the games themselves, Sanders’ situation at Colorado is one to watch. Despite the Buffaloes’ struggles, his decision to stay put could be a testament to his commitment to building a successful program and developing his players, including his sons.

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