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NCAAF · 24 days ago

After Such a Shocking Loss, Does Clemson Deserve Its Ranking?



After Such a Shocking Loss, Does Clemson Deserve Its Ranking?

In a college football season sure to be punctuated by shocking results, the Clemson Tigers faced an unexpected debacle against Duke. For those who backed Clemson, the outcome was nothing short of a rude awakening.

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The Duke Upset

Duke didn’t just manage to win; they comprehensively outplayed the Tigers, registering a resounding victory. The 28-7 scoreline is not something the Clemson faithful are accustomed to, especially against an unranked opponent like Duke. To put it in perspective, this win for Duke was monumental – their first over a top-10 team in over three decades.

The Polling Controversy

Post the game, the college football rankings have garnered significant attention. Despite their overwhelming defeat, Clemson still finds a spot in the new poll. While one can argue that despite a considerable fall in rankings, LSU remained due to their previous high position, Clemson’s retention has raised eyebrows.

In contrast, Florida State’s performance was stellar, running through their opposition with finesse. So, with Clemson facing such a humiliation, their continued presence in the rankings is puzzling, to say the least.

The Relevance of Early Polls

Early-season polls have often been a topic of debate among football enthusiasts. The primary question remains: How much stock should we put into these rankings, especially when they seem to deviate from on-field realities occasionally? While LSU’s drop might be justified, given they faced a top-tier team, Clemson’s lackluster performance against Duke should have had more severe ramifications in the rankings.

But then again, the authenticity and validity of these polls often come under scrutiny. Many believe that some of those involved in these rankings might not be as invested in watching the games, leading to potentially skewed results.

The bottom line is that while rankings can offer a snapshot of where teams stand, the real action unfolds on the field. And for now, both the Clemson Tigers and their followers might have to take a hard look at their season’s prospects and expectations. After all, in the world of college football, every game can be a game-changer.

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