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MLB · 20 days ago

American League Bracket if the Postseason Started Today

Hannah Brewitt

Hannah Brewitt

American League Bracket if the Postseason Started Today

MLB playoffs are just around the corner. We’re tracking how the AL postseason picture is shaping up.

A new postseason structure was introduced before the 2022 season to expand the playing field. Six American League teams will make the playoffs at the end of the 162-game regular season, with the top two teams receiving a first-round bye and the third seed competing in a best-of-three wild card series. In the wild-card round, the No. 3 seed will host the No. 6 seed, and the No. 4 seed will host the No. 5 seed. 

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AL Playoff Picture on September 8 

No. 1 – Baltimore Orioles First-Round Bye
No. 2 – Houston Astros  First-Round Bye
No. 3 – Minnesota Twins  No. 6 – Toronto Blue Jays (WC No. 3)
No. 4 – Tampa Bay Rays (WC No. 1) No. 5 – Seattle Mariners  (WC No. 2)

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Last week, the AL West took over the playoff picture. The AL East is back in control this week with three of six postseason contenders. 

The Baltimore Orioles have held their spot at the top of the AL East, now four games ahead of the Tampa Bay Rays. Elsewhere in the division, the Toronto Blue Jays have clawed their way back into the playoff picture. As it stands, the club holds just a half-game lead over the Texas Rangers

Coming out of the AL West, the defending champion Houston Astros would lock down the No. 1 overall seed and a first-round bye, and the Seattle Mariners secure a coveted wild card spot.  

Rounding out the division leaders, the Minnesota Twins lead the AL Central. They will likely make the postseason despite having a worse record than every team above (including the wild-card contenders). To say this season’s AL Central is one of the worst divisions in MLB history wouldn’t be an exaggeration. The 2023 AL Central is on pace to produce the worst combined record of MLB’s divisional era. 

AL Winner Odds on September 8

No. 1 – Houston Astros +250 No. 5 – Texas Rangers +700
No. 2 – Baltimore Orioles +350 No. 6 – Toronto Blue Jays +1000
No. 3 – Tampa Bay Rays  +500 No. 7 –  Minnesota Twins +1100 
No. 4 – Seattle Mariners +500 No. 8 – Boston Red Sox +2000

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