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NBA · 2 months ago

Donovan Mitchell’s Potential Exodus: Is New York Calling?



Donovan Mitchell’s Potential Exodus: Is New York Calling?

Here’s an intriguing thought that has been making the NBA rounds recently, Donovan Mitchell may never sign an extension with the Cleveland Cavaliers. If you’re a Cavs executive, you may even consider trading the explosive “Spida D” immediately to secure some value in return. But why?

Mitchell is still under contract for two more seasons and holds a player option for the 2025-26 campaign. Then why would rumors persist about his potential exit from the team? We must consider his well-documented ties to the Big Apple to find the answer. Speculation has been buzzing for over a year, and Knicks fans seem more enthusiastic than ever to see him donning the orange and blue.

In analyzing Mitchell’s connections to NYC, three points leap out at us:

  1. He’s been training with Immanuel Quickley overseas. These sessions are more than just workouts. They’re a means of establishing camaraderie and mutual understanding, which can be invaluable on the court.

  2. His tight-knit relationship with Jalen Brunson. Known for his hard-nosed play and leadership, Brunson would be a great backcourt partner for Mitchell.

  3. Mitchell’s close friendship with Mikal Bridges. Again, off-court relationships often translate to on-court chemistry, which can’t be undervalued.

Moreover, Mitchell has been seen attending New York Liberty games, underscoring his strong ties to the city.

So, what do you do if you’re the New York Knicks? You sit back and observe the situation. If Mitchell’s inclination toward NYC grows, the Knicks could be in an excellent position to land him.

But on the flip side, what happens to Cleveland? If the Cavs underperform again this season, they will likely need to make big decisions. Do they part ways with young star Evan Mobley? Highly unlikely. What about Jarrett Allen? Possibly. Darius Garland? It’s on the table. But should they consider letting go of Mitchell? In such a scenario, the Cavs could set the stage for the most fascinating move in the next NBA off-season.

While it’s all speculation, the Donovan Mitchell saga is undeniably a captivating storyline to follow as we edge closer to the next NBA season.

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