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MLB · 5 months ago

Justin Steele: From Struggles to Chicago Cubs Cy Young Contender



Justin Steele: From Struggles to Chicago Cubs Cy Young Contender

The Unexpected Rise of Justin Steele

In a surprising twist for the Chicago Cubs this season, Justin Steele, once known for giving up massive home runs, has managed to turn things around. Steele has unexpectedly entered the Cy Young conversation with a 5-0 start to the year and odds of +2700 on FanDuel. This is a far cry from his performance last year when his struggles were all too apparent.

Steele’s Successful Strategy: Keeping the Ball on the Ground

The secret to Steele’s recent success lies in keeping the ball on the ground. By limiting damage and reducing walks, Steele has significantly improved his performance. The Cubs have developed a gem in Steele, who has delivered an impressive performance this season.

Steele’s Improved Fielding Independent Pitching

In addition to his winning streak, Steele’s Fielding Independent Pitching (FIP) stats are also noteworthy. While not entirely under two, his FIP is a respectable 3.19. This indicates that Steele is not just relying on good fielding behind him but is genuinely delivering solid pitches.

Importance of Limiting Walks and Home Runs

The critical difference between Steele’s performance last year and this year is his ability to limit walks and home runs. Instead of trying to strike out every batter, Steele now understands the value in well-placed pitches that avoid too much of the plate, thereby reducing home runs and walks.

Better Defense Supporting Steele

This year, the Cubs have a stronger defense supporting Steele, undoubtedly contributing to his success. The addition of Dansby Swanson at shortstop has significantly enhanced the team’s defense.

A Strong Addition to the Cubs’ Rotation

Steele’s transformation from a struggling pitcher to a Cy Young contender has been a pleasant surprise for the Cubs. His performance this season demonstrates the team’s successful efforts in maximizing his strengths. With Steele in their rotation, the Cubs have a stronger pitching team than most outside of Chicago give them credit for.

Odds Courtesy FanDuel Sportsbook