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MLB · 25 days ago

Lefty Steele Shines In Cubs Victory Over Giants



Lefty Steele Shines In Cubs Victory Over Giants

The National League wild card race is in full swing, and yesterday’s games have thrown a few twists and surprises. The Cincinnati Reds and Arizona Diamondbacks are neck-and-neck, battling for the third and final spot. Meanwhile, the Chicago Cubs have secured a three-game lead over both teams, sitting pretty with their recent performance. However, the top spot remains in the hands of the Philadelphia Phillies, who maintain a lead of 2.5 games over Chicago.

In what can only be described as a decisive victory, the Cubs emerged victorious against a significant National League wild-card contender, the San Francisco Giants. With a shutout to their name and the unmatched prowess of Justin Steele, Chicago once again demonstrated their capacity to be a force to be reckoned with.

Steele’s performance was nothing short of astounding. Over eight innings, Steele allowed only two hits while striking out 12 – matching his career best. This outstanding performance has now tied him for the most wins in Major League Baseball, with a whopping 16 to his name. With an ERA of 2.55, he’s second in all of baseball. 

Steele’s recent ascendancy in the ranks is a testament to his determination and skill, especially considering pre-season expectations. Initially, many had pegged Marcus Stroman as the ace of the Cubs’ staff. However, an unfortunate injury sidelined Stroman, paving the way for Steele to rise as the true ace of the pitching staff.

But the Cubs aren’t just about Steele. When you delve deeper into their lineup, it’s evident that they’re brimming with hot bats. When in form, these hitters can wreak havoc on even the most solid pitchers in Major League Baseball. Admittedly, there may still be reservations about the overall frontline starting pitching for the Cubs. But if the season ended today, the Cubs would find themselves in the playoffs. That’s an achievement few would have predicted at the season’s outset.

The Chicago Cubs have indeed been a revelation this season. While many may not have anticipated their current standings, they show they have the grit and determination to vie for a spot in the playoffs. If their recent performance is anything to go by, the Cubbies are all set to leave an indelible mark on this season.

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