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MLB · 5 months ago

Max Muncy: Unexpected MVP Contender for Los Angeles Dodgers



Max Muncy: Unexpected MVP Contender for Los Angeles Dodgers

Max Muncy’s Unexpected Rise

The Los Angeles Dodgers have a rich history of cultivating MVPs and Rookies of the Year. Yet, even with this prestigious lineage, Max Muncy’s emergence as one of their most valuable players this season comes as a surprise. With stars like Freddie Freeman and Mookie Betts on the roster, Muncy has risen above expectations, delivering critical performances for the Dodgers at the start of the season.

Muncy’s Power Surge: A Game Changer

Muncy’s power has made a significant comeback this season. However, the question remains: can a player win the MVP with a batting average of .230, even if he hits 40 home runs? Despite the odds (+2000), Muncy deserves credit for resolving whatever issues plagued his performance last year.

Muncy’s On-Base Percentage: An Asset for the Dodgers

One of Muncy’s most significant contributions to the Dodgers is his ability to get on base. Despite his average batting numbers, Muncy’s on-base percentage has consistently been high, with a current rate of .367 this season. His 12 home runs have not only added to his impressive stats but have also come at crucial times when the team most needed them.

Stepping Up in the Face of Adversity

The Dodgers have faced several setbacks this season, including losing Trea Turner and Justin Turner to free agency and Gavin Lux to a year-long injury in spring training. With Cody Bellinger now performing for the Cubs, the Dodgers needed someone to fill the power void. Once a waiver from Oakland, Muncy has risen to the occasion, becoming the 30-35 home run hitter the Dodgers needed.

Muncy’s MVP Prospects: Top Five Finish Possible?

While it might be a stretch to consider Muncy a strong contender for the MVP award, his current form could certainly see him finishing in the top five. If he continues to deliver big numbers and potentially reaches the 40-50 home run mark, Muncy could indeed enter the MVP conversation.

Muncy’s Rise, A Boost for the Dodgers

Max Muncy’s unexpected rise as a potential MVP contender has given the Los Angeles Dodgers a much-needed boost. His power surge and high on-base percentage have been critical to the team’s performance this season. Muncy’s contributions will undoubtedly continue to be integral to the Dodgers’ success as the season progresses.

Odds Courtesy FanDuel Sportsbook