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NBA · 5 months ago

NBA Finals Matchup Odds Power Rankings: Nuggets, Celtics Favored to Dance

Zachary Cook

Zachary Cook

NBA Finals Matchup Odds Power Rankings: Nuggets, Celtics Favored to Dance

The NBA Finals could see several elite matchups, with the Denver Nuggets taking on the Boston Celtics listed up top.

Below are the likeliest pairings for the NBA’s ultimate prize according to odds from FanDuel Sportsbook.

1. Boston Celtics vs. Denver Nuggets +170 (Last week: +230)

The Boston Celtics trailed the Philadelphia 76ers 3-2 but took Game 6 on the road and forced a Game 7 at TD Garden. The C’s are listed as 6.5-point favorites in that matchup. Boston has long been considered a favorite to win the NBA title, especially with the Milwaukee Bucks eliminated in the opening round by the Miami Heat. On the other hand, the Denver Nuggets took down the Phoenix Suns in six games to advance to the Western Conference Finals. The Nuggets colliding with the Celtics in the NBA Finals has again been bet down from +230 to +170. 

2. Boston Celtics vs. Los Angeles Lakers +230 (Last week: +500)

Even though the Boston Celtics have yet to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals, they still sit as the favorite to represent the Eastern Conference in the top two odds matchups. With the Los Angeles Lakers having punched their ticket to the Western Conference Finals against the Nuggets, the odds of this matchup have naturally risen. Two of the NBA’s most iconic franchises facing off for the NBA title have jumped from +500 to +230. The Lakers are on a roll, and this matchup would do numbers on the television side of the equation. 

3. Miami Heat vs. Denver Nuggets +600 (Last week: +1600)

Let’s dive into the Miami Heat, who took down the favorites heading into the postseason in the Milwaukee Bucks. The Heat followed that up with a convincing 4-2 series victory over the New York Knicks. Whether the Heat faces off with the 76ers or Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals, they’ll probably enter that series as underdogs. With Nuggets slight -140 favorites to advance over the Lakers and play in the Finals, their odds of taking on the Heat for the title have skyrocketed from +1600 to +600 over the last week. 

4. Philadelphia 76ers vs. Denver Nuggets +650 (Last week: +700) 

It’s no secret that the Philadelphia 76ers will be in tough heading to Boston on Sunday afternoon for a Game 7. They’re underdogs in that contest, and for good reason, especially when you factor in head coach Doc Rivers’ record when he has a chance to eliminate a team (Hint: it’s not good). The 76ers have a chance to prove this team is different, and if they don’t, changes will undoubtedly be coming in the City of Brother Love. Even though only six possible matchups are left potentially, this one has only slightly risen from +700 to +650. 

5. Miami Heat vs. Los Angeles Lakers +750 (Last week: Unranked in Top Ten)

It feels like forever ago, but the NBA’s bubble playoffs featured the Miami Heat taking on the Los Angeles Lakers in the Finals. The Lakers ultimately came out on top in six games. Would a different outcome transpire this time around? This result wasn’t listed last week when we had enough potential matchups to have a top ten, but it’s now sitting at +750. Is it wise to count out the eight seed in the East? Can they make history and pull this run off? Time will tell. 

6. Philadelphia 76ers vs. Los Angeles Lakers +850 (Last week: +1400)

Wouldn’t Joel Embiid’s faceoff with LeBron James in the NBA Finals be compelling? The four-time MVP taking on the 2023 MVP for the NBA championship would certainly be a matchup worth following. Even though it has the longest odds of the six matchups to transpire, there’s certainly a case to be made that it could go down. The Lakers colliding with the 76ers for the NBA title has continued rising from +1400 to +850.