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NCAAF · 3 weeks ago

NFL Draft: Patriots’ Genius or Foolishness?


So, when we saw Bill Belichick draft a kicker and a punter, we were like, “What?!” But hey, they go by their numerical grade, not the round grade. Still, you have to wonder if it’s worth it.

Chad Ryland: Too Soon?

Now, Chad Ryland is a solid kicker, but grabbing him in the 4th round? That’s pretty rich. Usually, you’d wait for the 6th or 7th round or snag an undrafted free agent. Two special teamers in one draft? That’s surprising.

The Silver Lining: Christian Gonzalez

But let’s focus on the positives. The Pats got an excellent value corner in Christian Gonzalez at 17. Sure, he dropped down because he’s not physical enough and sometimes misses plays, but he’s a fantastic athlete with great size. This pick is a win for the Patriots.

Keion White: A Steal in the Second Round

Remember Keion White from Georgia Tech? Projected as a first-rounder and even invited to the draft, the Pats snagged him 15th overall in the second round. That’s a great deal!

Mau: The Sleeper Inside Linebacker

Marte Mapu, the sleeper inside linebacker from Sacramento State, got on the map after the Senior Bowl. He’s versatile, with the ability to play safety too.

Trusting the Patriots’ Process

Sure, the Patriots’ draft choices might make us scratch our heads, but it’s all about how Bill Belichick makes these guys fit. And if you’re a Pats fan, be stoked about the Christian Gonzalez pick at 17 – he’s a real gem!


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