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GOLF · 6 months ago

With PGA-LIV-DP Tour Merger, What Will Sportsbooks Offer?



With PGA-LIV-DP Tour Merger, What Will Sportsbooks Offer?

Following news of a merger between the PGA, LIV Golf, and the DP Tour, a major reshuffle of the golfing world is on the horizon. This exciting development, coming to light just recently, brings with it the question of sports betting in an arena that, until now, has been largely overlooked.

Although the popularity of golf has been surging, some regions do not currently offer betting options on golf, specifically live golf. However, the possibility of the merger seems to be reigniting this conversation, as golf fans eagerly anticipate the chance to place their bets.

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Despite the enthusiasm, it’s not as simple as just opening the floodgates to sports betting. Sportsbooks face many rules and regulations, hindering their ability to expand their offerings overnight. Many books have tried and failed in the past due to these regulatory obstacles.

Furthermore, LIV golfers, many of whom are banned from participating in PGA events, create another layer of complexity for the books. There is a noticeable drop in betting when the biggest names in the game are not eligible to be wagered on.

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The merger will necessitate a concerted effort from sportsbooks to lobby the states for expanded wagering rights. This would involve reconsidering their previous requests in light of the new golf entity that looks to be formed from the PGA, LIV Golf, and DP Tour merger.

However, these complications do not dampen the spirits of the betting industry. One trader from PointsBet, a leading sports book, expressed optimism regarding the potential merger. According to him, this development could attract more betting on golf, which would significantly boost the books overall.

As it stands, the sports betting landscape is keenly observing the unfolding situation. If the necessary permissions are granted, golf fans may soon be able to bet on their favorite golfers. While the news only surfaced, the conversation has already picked up steam. The world will be watching to see how this unique merger could shape the future of golf and sports betting.

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