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WNBA · 23 days ago

WNBA Championship Betting Insights: Mystics See Huge Odds Swing



WNBA Championship Betting Insights: Mystics See Huge Odds Swing

As we near the climax of the WNBA season, the betting futures landscape offers a compelling view of the perceived strengths and weaknesses of the teams in contention. Here’s the breakdown.

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Connecticut Sun: Opening at a long shot of +3000 odds, there hasn’t been any movement for the Sun; their odds remain steady at +3000. Though they might not be the favorite, they’ve certainly caught the attention of the bettors. The Sun has secured the most tickets with 17.1% of all bets placed but just 7.7% of the total handle. It’s clear to see the public was all over Connecticut, likely because of their very attractive odds.

Line movement (Open to Current)

  • Aces +130 to -160
  • Liberty +150 to +155
  • Mystics +1200 to +5000 

New York Liberty: The Liberty’s prospects have seen a minor change. Having opened at +150, their odds have slightly nudged to +155. The betting public seems optimistic about their chances, as evidenced by them holding 17.0% of the tickets, nearly the most in the league, and an impressive 18.2% of the handle.

Highest Ticket%

  • Sun 17.1%
  • Liberty 17.0%
  • Aces 15.5%

Las Vegas Aces: The Aces stand out as one of the top contenders. Starting with odds of +130, they’ve now shifted into a clear favorite position at -160. The betting community mirrors this confidence: they’ve garnered 15.5% of the tickets and a whopping 45.5% of the handle, underscoring their prominent standing in the title chase. Vegas has clearly seen some big bets come their way, and the smart money appears to be behind the favored Aces.

Highest Handle%

  • Aces 45.5%
  • Liberty 18.2%
  • Mystics 12.4%

Washington Mystics: It seems the tide has turned for the Mystics. Initially entering with +1200 odds, their odds have now ballooned to +5000. The odds swing might have something to do with the Aces convincing win over Washington last night. Despite this shift, bettors have shown some loyalty, with the Mystics holding 12.0% of the tickets and 12.4% of the handle.

Biggest Liability

  • Mercury
  • Mystics
  • Sun

Dallas Wings: Starting off with +3000 odds, the Wings have seen a bit of positive traction, now at +2500. However, their position in the betting market remains modest, accounting for 6.4% of tickets and 4.7% of the handle.

This fluid betting landscape paints a compelling picture of the championship race. As the season creeps toward the playoffs, it’ll be interesting to see how these odds and percentages evolve in response to on-court performances.

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