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WNBA · 2 months ago

WNBA Championship Betting Insights: Public on the Sun, Sharps on Aces



WNBA Championship Betting Insights: Public on the Sun, Sharps on Aces

With the WNBA season heating up, bettors across the country are placing their wagers and predicting the champions. The odds have been swinging, with some teams solidifying their dominance, while others face an uphill battle.

Line movement (Open to Current)

  • Aces +130 to -350
  • Liberty +150 to +300
  • Sun +3000 to +2800

One such team is the Connecticut Sun, whose opening odds were a promising +3000. The odds took a favorable dip last week to +2000. However, they have since slipped back to +2800. Despite the fluctuation, bettors have faith in the Sun, as the team claims the most total tickets at 17.7% to go along with 8.9% of the handle.

Highest Ticket%

  • Sun 17.7%
  • Aces 16.9%
  • Liberty 13.4%

Meanwhile, the Las Vegas Aces have been maintaining a solid front-runner status. Starting with opening odds of +130, their current odds have strengthened to -350, indicating a high likelihood of clinching the championship. This positivity has been reflected in their betting trend, capturing 16.9% of tickets and a staggering 55.7% of the handle to lead the league. The Aces are the clear favorites, according to both bettors and oddsmakers.

Highest Handle%

  • Aces 55.7%
  • Liberty 11.6%
  • Sun 8.9%

The New York Liberty has seen a mixed journey thus far. They started the season with odds of +150, which then expanded to +250 last week, and have now further increased to +300. The Liberty’s betting trends depict a similar story, claiming 13.4% of tickets and 11.6% of the handle.

The Washington Mystics face an uphill battle. The team’s opening odds were relatively low at +1200 but dramatically ballooned to +5000. Bettors are showing concern, as the Mystics hold only 13.0% of tickets and a meager 7.4% of the handle.

The Phoenix Mercury is another team with the odds stacked heavily against them. The Mercury started with odds of +2500, skyrocketing to a staggering +50000. Despite these daunting odds, the Mercury still accounts for 10.3% of tickets and 6.0% of the handle, proving some bettors got on this train early and are throwing a flier at the outlandish odds.

Biggest Liability

  • Mercury
  • Sun
  • Aces

As the WNBA season unfolds, it’s clear that while the Las Vegas Aces dominate the betting trends, there are still possibilities for upsets and dark horses. Only time will tell how the odds fluctuate and who will ultimately take the championship home.

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