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WNBA · 18 days ago

WNBA Championship Betting Trends: Aces and Liberty Dominating Handle



WNBA Championship Betting Trends: Aces and Liberty Dominating Handle

As the WNBA regular season closes and the playoffs begin, the betting landscape is rapidly changing. Here’s a comprehensive dive into the latest numbers and what they mean for prospective bettors.

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Line movement (Open to Current)

  • Aces +130 to -150
  • Liberty +150 to +145
  • Sun +3000 to +2000

New York Liberty: Opened at +150, they were touted at +140 just a week ago. Now, they stand at +145. The Liberty are attracting quite a significant amount of interest from bettors, as indicated by their league-leading 17.8% ticket percentage and 20.4% handle percentage. This suggests a consistent belief in their championship potential.

Highest Ticket%

  • Liberty 17.8%
  • Sun 17.0%
  • Aces 14.9%

Connecticut Sun: They have seen a considerable improvement in their odds over the weeks. From an opening of +3000, they moved to +2500 last week and now stand at +2000. The Sun holds 17.0% of the tickets but just 8.6% of the handle, indicating smaller individual wagers on the Sun to win it all.

Highest Handle%

  • Aces 41.8%
  • Liberty 20.4%
  • Mystics 12.6%

Las Vegas Aces: The Aces remain a heavy favorite in the championship conversation. Their odds have moved from +130 to -150, overtaking the rest of the competition. With 14.9% of the tickets and a whopping 41.8% of the handle to lead all teams, it’s clear that big bettors are putting their money behind the Aces.

Biggest Liability

  • Mercury
  • Mystics
  • Sun

Washington Mystics: Their journey has been quite the roller coaster. Opening at +1200, they’ve skyrocketed to +4000 over the past week and remain there. Holding 12.2% of the tickets and 12.6% of the handle, it seems there’s still some hope among bettors, though the odds suggest a challenging path ahead.

Dallas Wings: Consistently considered a long shot, they started at +3000 and now are priced at +2500. Their 6.8% ticket percentage and 4.6% handle percentage indicate limited confidence from bettors.

To sum it up, the Las Vegas Aces are getting the lion’s share of big bets, while the New York Liberty and Connecticut Sun are showing promising uptrends. It’s always essential for bettors to consider both odds and betting percentages when placing their wagers. The championship race is heating up, and these numbers will continue to shift. 

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