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MLB · 3 months ago

Betting Against the Odds: Twins, Brewers Deserve Attention



Betting Against the Odds: Twins, Brewers Deserve Attention

Major League Baseball fans often talk about big names, hot teams, and flashy plays. However, the AL and NL Central divisions, frequently overlooked, could make some postseason noise. The Minnesota Twins, with an impressive 81 wins, are nine games clear of the Cleveland Guardians. Meanwhile, in the NL, the Milwaukee Brewers lead the pack, holding a seven-game edge over the Chicago Cubs.

Given such strong performances, one can’t help but ask: Are these teams being underestimated?

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The Brewers have a pitching roster that’s second to none. Simultaneously, the Twins have proven they have some serious firepower at the plate. Yet, peering at the betting odds, it’s apparent that the market isn’t giving these teams the recognition they deserve. The home-field advantage these teams are set to enjoy in the opening playoff round only adds to the intrigue.

Examining the Twins more closely, the odds aren’t wholly in their favor. While Pablo Lopez can arguably win any game he starts, the Twins may be underdogs in a decisive Game 3 scenario.

Conversely, the Brewers present a compelling case. They boast three of the top ten starting pitchers in MLB. With their trio scheduled to take the mound on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, it’s clear that the Brewers are positioning their team for a solid wild card series. The Brewers are lined up for success, with the likes of Corbin Burnes, Brandon Woodruff, and Freddy Peralta on their roster. If they can clinch their division this week, they could give these ace pitchers a brief respite, ensuring they are rested and ready for the high-stakes wild card series.

However, it’s not all sunshine for the Brewers. While their pitching has been outstanding, the Brewers have struggled offensively. Their run production has been inconsistent, and their offensive woes have been exacerbated with Christian Yelich out for the past week. Two runs per game won’t cut it in the postseason. A scoring average of 2.5 to 3 runs is more in line with playoff demands.

While the Minnesota Twins and the Milwaukee Brewers from the Central Divisions might not be the first teams that come to mind when discussing MLB’s elites, they’ve displayed their caliber this season. As the playoffs loom, keep an eye on these teams—the Brewers, in particular, might surprise everyone.

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