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MLB · 2 months ago

Can the Miami Marlins Grab the NL’s Final Wild Card Spot?



Can the Miami Marlins Grab the NL’s Final Wild Card Spot?

In the high-stakes drama of the MLB‘s National League Wild Card race, the Miami Marlins are proving that they’re not just participants – they’re contenders. Currently just a game behind the Chicago Cubs and Arizona Diamondbacks, Miami’s post-season hopes are looking brighter by the day.

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Let’s clear the air about the Cincinnati Reds. While they showed promise earlier in the season, their inconsistent play of late has raised eyebrows. Many were rooting for Cincinnati, but it might be time to count them out of the Wild Card conversation as things stand. Their inconsistency has just been too glaring to ignore.

Now, focusing on the Marlins, their upcoming schedule might just be the advantage they need. Up next, they’re slated to face one of the “pathetic New York teams,” the New York Mets. Given the Marlins’ track record of success against teams from the Big Apple this year, they seem primed for a strong performance.

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But here’s the icing on the cake for Miami: their season closer. The Marlins wrap up their campaign against the Pittsburgh Pirates, a team they’ve had the upper hand against in recent matchups. If the Marlins clinch those final two games, it could very well seal their Wild Card spot. Imagine, after battling all season, the Marlins finishing strong and ensuring a postseason berth against the Pirates.

Of course, in baseball, nothing’s certain until the last out. But given the Marlins’ current form and favorable schedule, betting against them would be a gamble. The odds might just be in their favor.

So, as we head into the final stretch of the regular season, keep an eye on the Marlins. The NL Wild Card race is shaping up to be a thriller, and Miami is right in the thick of it. If they play their cards right, they might just be the dark horse that races to the finish line!

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