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SOCCER · a month ago

English Premier League Relegation Betting Insights: Everton in the Mix



English Premier League Relegation Betting Insights: Everton in the Mix

With the English Premier League season having kicked off, the relegation question arises, with several teams fighting to avoid the dreaded drop to the Championship. Sportsbooks have seen an influx of action on EPL relegation futures, and the odds have shifted significantly in the past few weeks. Here’s an update on the relegation betting market:

Wolverhampton Wanderers: The Wolves opened the season with long odds of +500 to be relegated but have seen their chances improve in recent weeks. The odds were slashed to +225 last week and now sit at +275. This adjustment is no surprise, given that Wolverhampton holds the highest ticket share of 27.5% and the third-highest handle of 21.1%.

West Ham United: The Hammers are another team that has seen a wild swing in their relegation odds. After opening the season at +1000, their odds plummeted to +700 last week but have now returned to +1000. The Hammers are commanding a ticket share of 11.3% and a handle of 7.3%, indicating that punters aren’t too concerned about their relegation prospects.

Everton: The Toffees started the season with odds of +350 to be relegated, which were subsequently shortened to +300 last week. Everton’s odds have been slashed even further this week to +240, the shortest they’ve been all season. They currently hold a ticket share of 10.6% and a handle of 6.5%.

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Fulham: Fulham’s relegation odds have been on the rise since the start of the season, opening at +350, holding steady at +350 last week, and now increasing to +500. The betting market remains optimistic about Fulham’s chances of survival, as they boast a high ticket share of 9.9% and a massive handle of 22.8%, the highest in the league.

AFC Bournemouth: The Cherries opened the season with short odds of +175 to be relegated, which have since lengthened to +350. Despite their improved odds, the betting market remains skeptical about Bournemouth’s survival chances, as evidenced by their low ticket share of 6.3% and handle of 3.3%.

Sheffield United: The Blades have seen their relegation odds shorten dramatically over the season, opening at -125, dropping to -175 last week, and now sitting at -225. The betting market believes that Sheffield United is one of the most likely to be relegated, with a ticket share of 6.3% and a handle of 20.9%, indicating some big-money bets.

The relegation battle in the English Premier League remains intense right out of the gates, and the betting market reflects the fluctuating fortunes of the teams involved. Keep an eye on the teams’ odds and performances in the coming weeks as the relegation picture continues to evolve.

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