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NCAAF · 2 months ago

Georgia Bulldogs vs. Auburn Tigers: SEC’s Most Storied Rivalry Continues



Georgia Bulldogs vs. Auburn Tigers: SEC’s Most Storied Rivalry Continues

As Saturday draws near, the anticipation surrounding the classic matchup between the Georgia Bulldogs and Auburn Tigers intensifies. The SEC‘s oldest rivalry, dating back 120+ games, has been a testament to the passion and tradition of college football.

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Recent history, however, has been overwhelmingly in favor of the Bulldogs. Georgia has dominated the series, winning six straight matchups. The last three wins have come by a jaw-dropping average margin of 25.6 points per game. Reflecting on their previous encounter, the Bulldogs routed the Tigers 42-10 last year. These numbers aren’t just impressive on paper; they tell the tale of Georgia’s dominance on the gridiron.

Head coach Hugh Freeze of Auburn found himself in a light-hearted yet revealing exchange with the press recently. As they reminded him of Kirby Smart’s swift success at Georgia – leading them to a title game in his second year and bagging two national championships thereafter – Freeze seemed somewhat taken aback. “I don’t know that that’s accurate,” he mused, highlighting perhaps a hint of rivalry-fueled competitiveness or perhaps genuine surprise. Regardless, Smart’s achievements at Georgia stand tall.

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But history and coach banter aside, the game’s essence will boil down to tactics and execution. Georgia’s recent form, particularly their running game, looks potent. They clocked 189 yards against South Carolina and 190 yards against UAB. This becomes a significant stat when you look at Auburn’s recent defensive performance, where they allowed a staggering 209 yards on the ground to Texas A&M. Even more concerning for the Tigers, their passing game was restricted to a mere 56 yards in the same match.

The signs point to a strong showing from Georgia. If stats are any indicators, and Auburn remains as one-dimensional as their recent performances suggest, the Bulldogs are poised to roll over the Tigers come Saturday.

Yet, as with any storied rivalry, predictions can go out the window when pride is on the line. Jordan-Hare Stadium will be buzzing, and as these two titans clash, one can expect nothing short of a spectacle. But as things stand, the scales certainly tip in favor of the Bulldogs.

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