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MLB · 24 days ago

Mariners Blow Late-Inning Lead To Surging Cincinnati Reds



Mariners Blow Late-Inning Lead To Surging Cincinnati Reds

In recent MLB action, the baseball world watched intently as two exciting teams went head to head. After previously experiencing a dominant winning streak where they clinched 12 of 13 games, Seattle has begun to wobble, losing two in a row and four of their last six.

Entering the Great American ballpark against the Cincinnati Reds, Seattle was the favorite. They were a –154 road moneyline favorite, a position cemented by their lead of 6-3 going into the eighth inning. That lead was reinforced by Julio Rodriguez, who made his mark with a home run, which was his 27th of the season.

The Reds have proven that they are in good form, clinching five of their last six games. Their comeback win over Seattle further solidified their prowess and demonstrated their resilience, even when the odds were stacked against them.

For those who had handicapped this game, the outcome might have been unexpected. With Seattle leading late, the expectation was that they’d lock things down, but unpredictability is the name of the game in a bandbox like the Reds ballpark. 

This victory wasn’t just a regular win for the Reds. For them, it felt like clinching two games in one. In a game where they might’ve mentally prepared for a potential loss against the mighty Mariners after trailing late, they demonstrated that with the right strategy and determination, any game is winnable.

All in all, it’s evident: in baseball, expect the unexpected. The Reds proved you’re never out of a game and continued to add to the recent struggles of the Mariners. 

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