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MLB · 19 days ago

MLB NL Odds Power Rankings: Braves Bet Down, Dodgers Drop

Zachary Cook

Zachary Cook

MLB NL Odds Power Rankings: Braves Bet Down, Dodgers Drop

The National League is loaded with high-quality teams, making a look toward the odds of winning the Pennant worth a regular check-in.

Below are the top ten favorites.

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1. Atlanta Braves +110 (Last week: +130)

The Atlanta Braves were the first team in MLB to reach the 90-win mark. They’ve won seven of their last ten games and have continued to be the most consistent team in the league. Atlanta’s seen their odds of winning the NL Pennant bet down over the last week from +130 to +110. 

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2. Los Angeles Dodgers +200 (Last week: +155)

The Los Angeles Dodgers have posted a middling 5-5 record over their last ten games and are trailing the Braves by six games for the top seed in the National League. With this mediocre stretch the Dodgers are going through, their odds of winning the NL drop from +155 to +200. 

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3. Philadelphia Phillies +850 (Last week: +750)

There’s not much to be concerned about if you’re the Philadelphia Phillies, who’ve won six of their last ten games and continue to hold down the top wild-card spot in the NL. Still, their odds of winning the Pennant have taken a dip over the last week from +750 to +850. 

4. Milwaukee Brewers +1300 (Last week: +1500)

The Milwaukee Brewers hold a 2.5-game lead over the Chicago Cubs for the top spot in the NL Central and have won six of their last ten games. With another strong stretch in the books, the Brew Crew have seen their National League odds bet down from +1500 to +1300. 

5. Chicago Cubs +1800 (Last week: +1800)

The Chicago Cubs are sitting comfortably in a playoff spot in the National League after tearing off three straight wins and seven over their last ten games. Even with their hot stretch, the Cubs have continued to boast +1800 odds to win the NL Pennant over the last week. 

6. San Francisco Giants +2700 (Last week: +1800)

Five straight losses for the San Francisco Giants have led them to being two games back in the National League wild-card race. It’s the wrong time of year to be struggling like this, and their odds now reflect that after dropping from +1800 to +2700. 

8. (Tie) Arizona Diamondbacks +4000 (Last week: +3300)

The Arizona Diamondbacks remain just one game back of a playoff spot in the National League. Still, they aren’t doing themselves any favors after dropping seven of their last ten games. After that stretch, they’ve seen their National League odds drop from +3300 to +4000. 

8. (Tie) Miami Marlins  +4000 (Last week: +5500)

The hottest team in the NL over the last week has been the Miami Marlins. The Marlins have won five straight games and six of their last ten, which now has them just a half-game out of a playoff spot. The Marlins NL odds have risen over that stretch from +5500 to +4000. 

9. Cincinnati Reds +6000 (Last week: +13000)

With two straight victories and a 5-5 record over their last ten games, the Cincinnati Reds find themselves right back in the NL wild-card picture. As a result, the Reds’ odds of winning the NL have risen from +13000 to +6000 over the last week. 

10. San Diego Padres +15000 (Last week: +13000)

It remains a mystery why the San Diego Padres haven’t been able to compete this season with all the talent on their roster. After another 5-5 stretch, they’ve seen their odds drop from +13000 to +15000 to win the NL Pennant. 

National League Odds from FanDuel Sportsbook

Team Odds
Atlanta Braves 110
Los Angeles Dodgers 200
Philadelphia Phillies 850
Milwaukee Brewers 1300
Chicago Cubs 1800
San Francisco Giants 2700
Arizona Diamondbacks 4000
Miami Marlins 4000
Cincinnati Reds 6000
San Diego Padres 15000
New York Mets 50000
St. Louis Cardinals 50000
Pittsburgh Pirates 50000
Washington Nationals 50000
Colorado Rockies 50000

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