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MLB · 11 days ago

MLB World Series Matchup Odds: Braves vs. Orioles Rising

Zachary Cook

Zachary Cook

MLB World Series Matchup Odds: Braves vs. Orioles Rising

The 2023 World Series could see several elite matchups, with the Atlanta Braves and Los Angeles Dodgers leading the way with the most appearances on the list.

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1. Atlanta Braves vs. Houston Astros +600 (Last week: +550)

The Houston Astros and Atlanta Braves collided during the 2021 World Series, which saw Atlanta come out on top in six games. These teams have consistently been great of late, and it’s a real possibility we’ll see this rematch in 2023. Even with the consistency from both teams, this matchup has taken a slight hit over the last week and dropped from +550 to +600

2. Atlanta Braves vs. Baltimore Orioles +650 (Last week: +800)

With the Atlanta Braves continuing to boast the National League’s best record and the Baltimore Orioles doing the same in the American League, this potential matchup in the Fall Classic has continued to be bet down over the last week from +800 to +650

3. Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Houston Astros +1000 (Last week: +1000)

The Los Angeles Dodgers and Houston Astros matched up in the ever-controversial 2017 World Series. Houston’s much-talked-about cheating scandal followed the Astros and tainted their legacy. The history here would make for a heck of a rematch in 2023. No one would be surprised if the Dodgers and Astros both made a run to the World Series, and this matchup has continued to reside at +1000 over the last week. 

4. (Tie) Atlanta Braves vs. Tampa Bay Rays +1100 (Last week: +1100)

There was a large chunk of the year where this potential matchup between the Tampa Bay Rays and Atlanta Braves was considered the odds-on favorite. It may no longer be the case, but there’s still a real shot these teams are the last two standing when it’s all said and done. The Rays and Braves colliding continues to sit at +1100

4. (Tie) Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Baltimore Orioles +1100 (Last week: +1400)

If you’re looking for two teams with vastly different payrolls, this is the matchup for you. The budget Baltimore Orioles have continued to lead the AL East, while the pricey Dodgers clinched the NL West. A Baltimore vs. LA potential World Series matchup has continued to rise over the last week from +1400 to +1100

6. Atlanta Braves vs. Texas Rangers +1600 (Last week: +1800)

The Texas Rangers have lost four games in a row, and their only appearance on this list has them taking on the Braves in the Fall Classic. Texas taking on the Braves in the World Series has risen over the last week from +1800 to +1600

7. Atlanta Braves vs. Toronto Blue Jays +1700 (Last week: +1800) 

The Toronto Blue Jays have won six of their last ten games and three in a row, and the thoughts of a rematch of the 1992 World Series are giving fans something to get excited about. Atlanta taking on the Blue Jays has been bet down over the last week from +1800 to +1700

8. Los Angeles Dodgers vs . Tampa Bay Rays +1800 (Last week: +2000)

The Los Angeles Dodgers ended their World Series drought when they knocked off the Tampa Bay Rays in the 2020 Fall Classic. A rematch could be on the horizon, and with the Rays play of late, it’s certainly in the realm of possibility. The Dodgers and Rays have been two of MLB’s most consistent teams over the last half-decade. Tampa facing off with the Dodgers has risen from +2000 to +1800 over the previous week. 

9. Atlanta Braves vs. Minnesota Twins +2000 (Last week: +1800) 

The Minnesota Twins have continued to sit on top of the AL Central, while the Braves have been the class of the NL. Minnesota and Atlanta colliding in the Fall Classic has fallen off from +1800 to +2000. 

10. Atlanta Braves vs. Seattle Mariners +2200 (Last week: +1700)

There have been some inconsistencies of late from the Seattle Mariners, who’ve lost seven of their last ten games. The M’s only appearance on this list has continued to drop, with their odds of colliding with the Braves falling from +1700 to +2200

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