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SOCCER · a month ago

MLS Top Goalscorer Betting Insights: ‘Money’ Messi Mauling Handle



MLS Top Goalscorer Betting Insights: ‘Money’ Messi Mauling Handle

The Major League Soccer season is in full swing, and as always, the race for the top goal scorer is heating up. Bettors have been flocking to sportsbooks in droves, putting their money behind their favorite soccer players. Let’s dive into the latest data on the top contenders.

Line Movement

  • Lionel Messi +4000, +350
  • Hany Mukhtar +1000, +400
  • Denis Bouanga +2500, +600
  • Georgios Giakoumakis +700, +600

Lionel Messi: The football legend, previously with odds of +4000, now boasts reduced odds of +350. Given Messi’s proven track record in world football, this significant shift is no surprise. It doesn’t hurt that he’s scored in every game since he joined Inter Miami, aside from his latest match, a 3-3 draw against FC Cincinnati.

Messi Also Pushing Inter Miami’s MLS Title Odds

The Argentine superstar is behind the leaders with 10 goals, but he’s only played eight games, while most of the top contenders have more than 20 under their belt this season. With 52.2% of all tickets and 58.4% of the total handle backing him, Messi remains easily the most popular choice among punters.

Can Messi lead Miami on a Miracle Run to the Playoffs?

Highest Ticket%:

  • Lionel Messi 52.2%
  • Hany Mukhtar 11.3%
  • Denis Bouanga 8.1%

Hany Mukhtar: Starting with odds of +1000, Nashville SC‘s attacking midfielder has seen his odds shrink to +400. The scoring star leads his club and the league with 13 goals on the season. Mukhtar looks like the biggest threat to Messi with 11.3% of tickets and 11.7% of the handle, reflecting bettors’ growing confidence in his ability to top the goal charts this season.

Highest Handle%:

  • Lionel Messi 58.4%
  • Hany Mukhtar 11.7%
  • Georgios Giakoumakis 8.9%

Denis Bouanga: His journey from +2500 to +600 is commendable. Representing Los Angeles Football Club, the French forward leads the team with 12 goals on the campaign. Bouanga has managed to capture 8.1% of the tickets and 4.4% of the handle.

Georgios Giakoumakis: Despite starting at a modest +700 and currently sticking at the same odds, Giakoumakis has seen a rise in bettor confidence. Thanks to leading his Atlanta United side with 12 goals, Giakoumakis has remained near the top of the oddsboard. The Greek striker has secured 3.1% of tickets and an impressive 8.9% of the handle.

Luciano Acosta: A surprise entry in the list, Acosta was originally off the board but has surged to odds of +600. The attacking midfielder leads FC Cincinnati with 12 goals, including the opener in Wednesday’s draw with Messi’s Miami. However, with just 0.6% of the tickets and a mere 0.1% of the handle, it appears that bettors are still warming up to this pick.

Cristian Espinoza: Another player who started off the board, Espinoza from San Jose Earthquakes, now has odds of +800. While sharing original OTB status with Acosta, the Argentine winger also matches him with 12 goals this season. Espinoza has secured just 0.3% of both the tickets and the handle despite having just the fifth shortest odds in this race.

Biggest Liabilities:

  • Lionel Messi
  • Hany Mukhtar
  • Denis Bouanga

The competition for the MLS top goal scorer is always unpredictable. While Lionel Messi remains a firm favorite, given his unparalleled legacy in football, the likes of Mukhtar, Bouanga, and Giakoumakis can’t be overlooked. For those looking to place bets, keeping an eye on player form, team dynamics, and any potential injuries is essential. 

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