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NHL · 2 months ago

NHL Stanley Cup Betting Trends: All in on Avalanche



NHL Stanley Cup Betting Trends: All in on Avalanche

The NHL season is just around the corner, and as preseason gets going, bettors are keeping their eyes peeled for those tantalizing Stanley Cup odds. Let’s dive into the current landscape of hockey’s biggest betting futures from BetMGM Sportsbook.

Colorado Avalanche

Opening Odds: +800
Current: +900
Ticket%: 13.8%
Handle%: 15.5%

The Avalanche began the season with promising odds at +800. Despite a slight dip to +900 currently, bettors remain bullish, with Colorado capturing 13.8% of the tickets and a significant 15.5% of the handle. The Avs lead the way in both categories.

Edmonton Oilers

Opening Odds: +900
Current: +1000
Ticket%: 7.9%
Handle%: 9.1%

The Oilers have seen their odds shift from +900 to +1000 but maintain a healthy betting interest, with 7.9% of the tickets and 9.1% of the handle. It’s worth noting that while second in total tickets, they account for nearly half of what leading Colorado is holding.

New Jersey Devils

Opening Odds: +1200
Current: +1000
Ticket%: 7.0%
Handle%: 9.0%

Surprisingly, the Devils have seen improved odds, moving from +1200 to +1000. They’re holding a decent share of the tickets and handle at 7.0% and 9.0%, respectively. There are clearly some believers in this young and up-and-coming squad.

Toronto Maple Leafs

Opening Odds: +1000
Current: +1000
Ticket%: 6.8%
Handle%: 9.2%

Consistency is key for the Leafs, maintaining their odds at +1000. Bettors are keen on Toronto, accounting for 6.8% of the tickets and 9.2% of the handle. Toronto’s gap between tickets and handle suggests some big bets. The Leafs hold the second-highest handle among Stanley Cup contenders.

Vegas Golden Knights

Opening Odds: +1400
Current: +1200
Ticket%: 6.4%
Handle%: 4.9%

Vegas’ odds have shortened from +1400 to +1200, but their handle percentage at 4.9% suggests less money is backing them than some of the other contenders. A smaller handle than ticket count suggests public betting and not substantially larger bets. It looks like not many are buying in to back-to-back Stanley Cups for the Knights after taking last year’s Final in five games.

Pittsburgh Penguins

Opening Odds: +3500
Current: +2500
Ticket%: 5.4%
Handle%: 7.6%

The Penguins have seen a significant shift, with their odds moving from a distant +3500 to a more favorable +2500. Acquiring Norris Trophy winner Erik Karlsson, formerly of the San Jose Sharks, certainly has something with their odds improvement. Securing 5.4% of the tickets and a decent 7.6% handle suggests some large money wagers on the Pens.

Carolina Hurricanes

Opening Odds: +1200
Current: +900
Ticket%: 5.4%
Handle%: 6.6%

Carolina’s odds have shortened to +900 from their initial +1200. Bettors seem optimistic about the Hurricanes, with ticket and handle percentages of 5.4% and 6.6%.

New York Rangers

Opening Odds: +1400
Current: +2000
Ticket%: 5.1%
Handle%: 8.8%

The Rangers have drifted out to +2000, but they’re still getting plenty of betting action, holding 5.1% of tickets and 8.8% of the handle. New York’s impressive handle compared to tickets suggests some Big Apple big money on the Broadway Blueshirts.

Boston Bruins

Opening Odds: +1000
Current: +1400
Ticket%: 4.1%
Handle%: 3.7%

Boston’s odds have worsened to +1400, but they’re still in the mix, capturing 4.1% of the tickets and 3.7% of the handle. An aging core and the retirement of two-way star Patrice Bergeron may have started to close Boston’s championship window.

Dallas Stars

Opening Odds: +1600
Current: +1600
Ticket%: 3.2%
Handle%: 3.1%

The Stars have maintained their position with odds at +1600, gathering 3.2% of the tickets and 3.1% of the handle. Dallas had a solid last season and looked good getting to the Western Conference Finals.

Florida Panthers

Opening Odds: +1800
Current: +2000
Ticket%: 1.4%
Handle%: 0.9%

The Panthers’ odds have slipped to +2000, and they’re lagging in betting popularity with just 1.4% of the tickets and 0.9% of the handle. It looks like bettors believe in the Stanley Cup hangover after Florida lost in give games to the Golden Knights in last year’s Final.

Tampa Bay Lightning

Opening Odds: +1600
Current: +1400
Ticket%: 1.1%
Handle%: 0.8%

The Lightning have seen their odds improve slightly to +1400. However, betting interest remains relatively low, with only 1.1% of tickets and 0.8% of the handle. This could be a case of bettor fatigue after Tampa had been to the Cup Final in three of the four past seasons while winning two championships.

While odds provide an insight into the perceived strength of teams, the ticket and handle percentages give a peek into where bettors are placing their faith (and money). As the season progresses, it’ll be intriguing to see how these numbers evolve. 

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