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MLB · 22 days ago

Ranking the Best MLB Divisions in 2023

Hannah Brewitt

Hannah Brewitt

Ranking the Best MLB Divisions in 2023

This MLB season, the number of inter-division contests for each team has dropped from 76 to 52. With the new structure, the strength of schedule within a division becomes less of a factor in determining which teams will make the postseason, especially with three wild cards in each league.

However, the question remains: Which division is the strongest?

We’re ranking the league’s six divisions weekly to decide which is superior.

Ranking the Best MLB Divisions in 2023

1. AL East 

The overall strength of the AL East cannot be ignored. At the top of the division, the Orioles have a steady grip on the No. 1 position. However, the club is about to hit a brutal stretch in the schedule, facing the Angels, Rays, and Astros in the coming weeks. Will they hold off the Rays for the remainder of the regular season? Tampa Bay is just 3.5 games back from Baltimore and would lock down a coveted wild-card spot if the season ended today. The first-place spot is well within reach, but getting past the Orioles won’t be easy. 

2. NL East

The NL East is home to the top team in baseball: the Atlanta Braves. The club is a whopping 14.5 games ahead of the second-place Phillies and 19.5 games ahead of the third-place Marlins. They are destined to win the division for the sixth year in a row and to make a deep run come October. 

3. AL West 

With less than a month in the regular season, the AL West is set up for a thrilling race to the finish. Three teams are virtually tied at the division’s top: the Seattle Mariners, Texas Rangers, and Houston Astros. When the season draws to a close, one of these teams will make the playoffs and likely secure a first-round bye. The other two will be in danger of missing the postseason entirely. 

4. NL West

Unlike the AL West, there’s no contest in the NL West. The Dodgers hold a season-high 13.5-game lead in the division and will cruise into the postseason without any pushback. Elsewhere in the division, the Giants and Diamondbacks are fighting for wild card positioning come October. If the season ended today, both teams would miss the cut but less than two games.

5. NL Central

The Milwaukee Brewers lead the NL Central, as they have since early June. However, the Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds are still within striking distance. If they can’t catch up to Milwaukee, it’s also a possibility both the Cubs and the Reds could lock down wild card sports, making for an NL-Central-heavy first round. 

6. AL Central 

The AL Central consistently sits last in our rankings because of the overall lack of talent in the division. One squad will make the playoffs by default despite being one of the league’s more mediocre (at best) teams. If the season ended today, that would be the Twins. At 73-66, they hold a seven-game lead over second-place Cleveland.