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SOCCER · a month ago

What Messi is Doing for Inter Miami and MLS is Truly Special



What Messi is Doing for Inter Miami and MLS is Truly Special

Inter Miami has indeed turned heads this season in Major League Soccer with the arrival of none other than Lionel Messi. This high-profile signing has brought soccer excitement to South Florida, and Messi has been living up to the hype with his stellar performances on the pitch.

Messi has been a scoring sensation since joining Inter Miami, finding the back of the net in every match he’s played. In just six games into his Inter Miami career, Messi has already scored nine goals, contributing to the team’s total of 21 goals during this period. This remarkable goal tally has placed Messi as the team’s third-leading goal scorer ever, despite only playing a handful of games.

However, Messi’s influence extends beyond his goal-scoring exploits. The media frenzy surrounding the superstar has brought increased attention to Inter Miami and the MLS as a whole. Messi will join head coach Tata Martino in a rare pre-match press conference, which will be covered live on, providing fans with insight into his thoughts and the team’s preparation for the upcoming Leagues Cup final.

Messi Mania Sweeps Miami

Inter Miami’s transformation has not solely resulted from Messi’s contributions. The impact of Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba, who also joined the team recently, should not be understated. These players have significantly bolstered the team’s lineup and played a crucial role in propelling Inter Miami to the Leagues Cup final.

Despite the recent success, Inter Miami currently sits last in the Eastern Conference and faces an uphill battle to qualify for the MLS playoffs. With the league already past the midway point, the team needs an extraordinary push to secure a top-seven spot in the Eastern Conference, currently sitting in 15th place.

Inter Miami’s recent 4-1 victory against the Philadelphia Union, a top team in the league, has raised hopes of a playoff run. The Union, who were just a penalty shootout away from winning the championship last season and currently sit third in the Eastern Conference, were no match for Messi and his teammates.

The question on everyone’s mind is whether Inter Miami can continue their impressive form and make a deep playoff run. With Messi, Busquets, and Alba in their ranks, anything is possible for this star-studded team. Keep an eye on Inter Miami as they look to defy the odds and secure a spot in the MLS playoffs.

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