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NFL · 10 days ago

Allen & Diggs in Spotlight: Buffalo Bills’ Week 1 Fallout



Allen & Diggs in Spotlight: Buffalo Bills’ Week 1 Fallout

After a rough start in Week 1, many eyes are on the dynamic duo of the Buffalo Bills: Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs. Both have played a significant role in the team’s past successes, and expectations were high for their performance this NFL season.

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When asked about Allen’s disappointing start, Diggs responded, “I mean, he’s coming to work just like each and every day, and I want him to smile and live his life… He’s been a guy that’s working hard and doing all the right things… So I feel like at this point, like no, it’s a new week, shake it off.”

There’s a growing chorus questioning if Diggs might be considering a move away from the Bills, especially following Allen’s shaky game.

Yet, amid the speculation and concerns, a crucial question arises: Where would Diggs go if he did decide to leave Buffalo? Diggs would be better off focusing on getting better with Josh Allen rather than doing interviews about him.

The Bills are -8.5 in their Week 2 matchup against the Las Vegas Raiders, with Diggs +100 and Allen +110 to score a touchdown.

It remains clear that despite the drama and discussions surrounding the team, the Bills are still favorites heading into their next game. Many believe that the duo of Allen and Diggs will bounce back, showing their resilience and commitment to the team.

While there might be noises from the outside, the main focus for the Bills and their fans is the season ahead. The coming weeks will be pivotal in demonstrating the strength and unity of this team.

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