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NFL · 16 days ago

Commanders vs. Cowboys: Can Dallas Handle a Double-Digit Spread?



Commanders vs. Cowboys: Can Dallas Handle a Double-Digit Spread?

Thanksgiving football in the NFL is just a few days away as the Dallas Cowboys and the Washington Commanders face off in a highly anticipated match. Before Sunday’s game, the odds were heavily stacked in favor of the Cowboys, with a spread of 10.5. The Commanders are coming off an unexpected double-digit loss at home against the New York Giants, where they were 9.5-point favorites.

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Despite the unfavorable odds, the Commanders are not to be underestimated. They have shown potential in moving the football, boasting notable weapons at wide receiver and tailback positions. Their ability to keep the game close is a key factor to watch.

On the other hand, the Cowboys have demonstrated their prowess in dominating underproductive teams, a category in which the Commanders unfortunately find themselves. The Cowboys’ offense is expected to be a major force, potentially leading to a high-scoring game.

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Key players for the Commanders, like Sam Howell and coach Eric Bieniemy, are under the spotlight. Despite previous struggles, including six turnovers in the last game, there is optimism about their game plan. Once considered a strength, the Commanders’ front seven faced challenges after trading away their best pass-rushing prospects. This situation potentially gives the Cowboys an even greater advantage.

This match is not just about the numbers but a test of strategy, strength, and resilience. Both teams, especially the Commanders, have something to prove, making this more than just a regular game. The outcome could significantly influence both teams’ perception and future strategies in the league.

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